No-oil Pumpkin Spice Bread

Happy Solstice everyone! My baking skills have been off the charts lately! I must admit I don’t usually like desserts without some oil, particularly cakes and cookies. But in the interest of eating as healthy as possible and giving the oil naysayers more options in my upcoming cookbook (which by the way you can pre-order already on Amazon. You know what you’ll be giving for Christmas presents next year!), I came up with this uber-healthy pumpkin bread just in time for the holidays! It could be considered a breakfast treat or a dessert I suppose. It tastes amazing and is super moist even though there is no oil!! You’re welcome πŸ˜‰


No-oil Pumpkin Spice Bread
Makes 6 to 8 servings

1 cup brown rice flour
1 1/4 cup barley flour (spelt or other whole grain flour is fine)
2 teaspoons pumpkin spice mix
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
1 1/2 cup coconut palm sugar
3 tablespoons unsweetened plain soy yogurt
1 (15 ounce) canned pumpkin
1/4 cup unsweetened applesauce
2 teaspoons vanilla flavoring (or extract is fine)
1/2 cup grain-sweetened chocolate chips (or regular ol’ vegan choc chips)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Whisk together first six ingredients in a medium bowl. In another bowl whisk together the rest of the ingredients except chocolate. Fold in wet to dry ingredients and mix until well combined. If using chocolate chips fold them into the batter. Pour into lightly oiled 8×8 baking dish and smooth over the top. Bake for 60 minutes. Test with a toothpick and if it comes out clean the cake is done.


What is your favorite winter dessert or comfort food?

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  1. I made this recipe as soon as I saw the posting – I highly recommend it! It is so good! The recipe works very well and you can't  tell it's gluten free or oil free. 

  2. If I am allergic to rice and gluten sensitive, Can I swap out the rice and barley flour with the same measurements  of  a pre-made gluten free flour mix (like Bob Red Mill's GF flour) and still get the same, or pretty much the same taste and texture as your yummy sounding version…?

    I'm new to GF baking and I know I'd need to throw in some xanthan gum in there too, so if you have any suggestions on xanthan gum usage too, I would love! to hear back  from you on how much of it  you think I ought to use with the GF flour…assuming of course you think using GF flour swap would be a success at all. πŸ™‚

    Thank you much!



    1. I’m really not sure the exact measurements and if gluten-free flour would work. I’ve never tried it before with this recipe. You will have to test it out and see how it works and how much is needed. I never use xanthan gum. I usually use arrowroot or tapioca starch. Let us know how it works out!

  3. Christy,

    Just bought the "Blissful Bites" book, and can't wait to try out some of the recipes.  I'm flexitarian transitioning toward vegetarian, but I'm also doing Weight Watchers.  For the baking recipes, such as the pumpkin spice bread, would it be successfully possible to swap out the coconut palm sugar (which I can't get around here) for some granulated Stevia in the Raw and a little agave nectar stirred into the yogurt?  Don't know if you've tried it already, but I'm getting up the nerve to experiment more in the kitchen.  Baking is very much like chemistry in that respect–but, without the possibility of blowing up the garage.  πŸ™‚

    Love your work.  Please keep doing what you're doing.

    Blessed be.

    1. You can always substitute another granulated sugar for the coconut palm sugar. I don’t ever bake with stevia so I’m not sure the conversion for that. Baking is a science but I have found that adjusting ingredients a little here and there doesn’t ruin the overall end result. As long as you know the texture you are going for in the wet mix you can adjust as needed.

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