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Review: Mouthwatering Vegan and Eggplant, Potato, Chickpea Curry

When I first received the Mouthwatering Vegan cookbook I thought to myself, “this book is huge!!”. As I flipped through it’s pages I began to drool. With a photograph on almost every single page it was easy to tag all the recipes you want to make. Since it was 100 degrees in Texas my heart…


Guest Post featuring Microplane: Mini Coconut Key Lime Pies

Cooking Tool of the Month – Microplane¬† Today’s guest post comes from the sisters of Sketch-Free Vegan Eating. These ladies make my kind of vegan food; good for you, easy, and delicious! They also understand how awesome it is to have a Microplane Zester!. Enjoy!¬† We are so happy to be showcasing one of our…

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Meatless Monday: Lemon Pistachio Shortbread Cookies

Lately I’ve been trying to drastically reduce or cut out completely the amount of oil in my diet. Unfortunately when it comes to baked goods, they really are much better with some oil. I’ve tried various websites and bloggers recipes that do no oil, and I haven’t found too many recipes yet that I adore….