Best of Green Vegan Valentine’s Day Ideas

Since I’m too lazy to do my own Valentine’s post, I’m going to give you the Best of  Vegan Valentine’s ideas that I’ve seen on the web. And don’t forget to enter my Giveaway of raw chocolates in the previous post!

Gift Ideas

Tons of ideas for a sustainable Valentine’s Day over at Inhabitat

Amazing Valentine’s ideas from the @DiscerningBrute including a video with Todd Oldham doing fun craft and food, sinful boxes of chocolate and other creative ideas like donating to a farm sanctuary!

Vegan gift ideas for your Valentine from my favorite vegan boutique, Alternative Outfitters! Clothes, accessories, shoes, and more for both him and her! via @VeganBoutique

Valentine’s Gift Guide! Adorable clothing, treats and sweets! via @huggerfood

Big Huge Vegan Valentines Day Post featuring clothing, accessories, and gifts for him and her via @shopfriendlier

Beautiful jewelry and more Valentine’s gift ideas via @veggywood

Holistic and Green Valentine’s Day ideas from Miss Rachel Avalon (video)

For Los Angeles!

10 green ways to have fun in LA here via @greenlagirl

If you live in Los Angeles, and want to eat a healthy, yet delicious meal QuarryGirl will hook you up with the places to go.

Also if you live in LA, why not bring your sweetie to a vegan cooking class! Upcoming events & classes for February! Give the gift of health to your sweetie for Valentine’s day!