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Personal Training & Fitness Classes

Christy is now taking clients on the Silver Coast. You have a few options for personal training sessions for your convenience. Do you live in Caldas da Rainha, Foz, Obidos, Peniche or the vicinity? I can come to you!

I’ve helped thousands of people reach their health goals with my programs. We go beyond the number on the scale to create a transformation you never dreamed possible in body, mind, and spirit. Body transformation can be your motivation but there is more to getting healthy than just the physical shell. I’ll show you how to make a lifestyle change that boosts your energy and takes your health to a whole new level.

Christy’s Certifications

2002 Certified Macrobiotic Chef Training
2013 NASM Certified Personal Trainer
2014 TRX Suspension Training Certification
2015 Women’s Fitness Specialist
2015 Spinning® Instructor Certification
2015 Multi-Style Yoga Teacher Certification
2017 Gentle Yoga Certification
2020 Mindful Yin Yoga Teacher Certification
2020 Personalised Alignment & Fascia Intensive Training

Special Introductory Price for New Clients!

Private Personal Training

(fitness sessions designed to meet your goals, utilizing your home gym, an outdoor space or I’ll bring equipment to your home *)

30€ per 1 hour session if booked 2x per week in advance
add a friend for 10€

*Travel fee may be required

Personal Trainer Now in Caldas da Rainha, Obidos and Beyond !!

Christy Morgan is an American health food chef, cooking instructor, yoga teacher and cookbook author. She became obsessed with fitness post-30 and has dedicated herself to ageing gracefully using what she calls the trifecta of health – mind/body connection, fitness and healthy eating. Christy is a NASM certified personal trainer since 2013. She has been practising yoga for over 25 years and teaching many styles for over 7 years. Christy specializes in fitness for all levels and ages, giving modifications so everyone can be included. Christy believes it’s never too late to improve your health and well-being. No matter what your fitness level, you will love her group classes, and she is also available for private and small group personal training sessions.

Christy Morgan é Americana, chefe de cozinha saudável, instrutora de culinária e autora de livros de receitas. A partir dos 30 anos, ficou obcecada com o treino físico. É personal trainer certificada desde 2013. Pratica ioga há mais de 20 anos e ensina vários estilos de ioga há 4 anos. Christy é especialista em fitness para todos os níveis e idades, adaptando as sessões com modificações para pessoas de mobilidade reduzida. Independentemente do seu nível de condicionamento físico, temos a certeza que vai adorar as aulas de grupo, ao ar livre.

Private In-home Yoga Sessions

Private Yoga Class

25€ 1 hour class
add a friend for 10€

*Travel fee may be required

Not in Portugal? Let’s work together online!

One of the main reasons why online fitness coaching can be so helpful is because if you are vegetarian or vegan it’s not likely you will find a personal trainer at your gym that understands your diet. They could design an awesome workout program for you but then will tell you to eat meat. Or worse they will tell you it’s impossible to reach your goals on a vegan diet. I hear this time and time again and it’s so frustrating! You can and you will reach your goals with patience, hard work, and perseverance. Many people have proven time and time again that any goal you’d like to meet can be met on a well-planned vegan diet (including myself!).

I have two different packages available online. One for those who would like to start weight lifting 3x a week and can easily follow along with a set program on their own with little guidance and no conference calls (the Self Paced Fitness Program). The other is a 16 week personalized online program designed to help you meet specific fitness/physique/strength goals and get in the best health of your life (I do not do bodybuilding competition prep but can refer you!).

Remember that transformation takes time! If you set realistic goals you can meet them in the first 16 weeks that we work together. I will give you all the tools you need to be successful! We are always a work in progress, so trust the process, and enjoy the journey every step of the way!

16-week personalized fitness program (new client prices, previous clients click here)

2 payments of $219.99 USD ($109.99 per month) – just fitness program (4 month commitment)

2 payments of $269.99 USD ($134.99 per month) – fitness program and food/diet plan (4 month commitment) Or if you are in another country – the equivalent price in your home currency


  • Personalized training and fitness program (resistance training and cardio protocol)
  • Conference calls (one at the beginning to go over your program and every 4 weeks during your 16 week program)
  • Unlimited email access regarding program
  • Delicious vegan recipes
  • a personalized vegan food plan (if you chose that option)

Priceless – the security of knowing that someone is holding your hand and cheering you on!

An in-person trainer would cost you at least $50 a session so working with me online is a more affordable choice if you can follow a program on your own (my hourly consulting fee is $75 an hour so you are getting a great deal here!).

fter you pay for the 16-week program please fill out this questionnaire so I can get started on designing your program! One week turnaround! You will be billed automatically 2 times during our 16 weeks together. If you would like to pay the entire fee upfront please let me know. Please read and sign our Terms and Conditions here.

After you complete payment you’ll be taken to your Dashboard and asked “What’s Your Plan?”. Choose the “16-Week Fitness Program” button and you’ll have access to all the content that you need to download. One week turnaround for fitness program and meal plan after you get me all the information I need from you.

Self-Paced 8 Week Beginner Weightlifting Program – NOT AVAILABLE CURRENTLY
This includes an online standard resistance training program for those who can easily follow along on their own and do not need personalized instruction (limited email access). It is great for beginners who want to start lifting and/or have time to weight train 3 times a week. Includes a 3x a week weight training program, High Intensity Interval Training workouts, meal planning how-to, over 28 recipes, and videos on all the exercises (does not include an actual personalized meal plan). Also, includes one conference call to answer any questions you have at the beginning of the program. This program works great for those who workout out at a gym or at home with access to dumbbells. This program is great to follow for 8-12 weeks to track your progress.

How Online Coaching With Me Works

If you choose the personalized program you will pay and then fill out this questionnaire. You’ll need to email progress photos (front, back, and both sides in good light against a blank wall, bikini for ladies, shorts for guys) at the beginning and at every 4 week check-in. The more details you give me the better since I can’t see you in person. I will design a program for you within a week and email it over to you. We will have our first conference call to discuss it and I’ll answer any questions you have. It is your responsibility to stay in contact during the 4 months and follow the program as it’s laid out for you. You get out what you put in!

You’ll work really hard and eat well, keep a journal of what you are eating and how you are feeling, take progress photos once a month, and we’ll have another conference call every 4 weeks. You’ll have email access to me throughout the 16 weeks so don’t worry! 16 weeks is the perfect amount of time to follow a program and to track results and progress. Remember this is a journey. At the 16 week point you can order a new fitness program to continue on the path to reaching your goals.

You will get what you put into it! I can’t make you do the work, I can only give you all the tools you need and support you along the way!

“Following Christy’s fitness and nutrition program was the first time in a while that I had visible results from my efforts. The recipes were delicious and easy and satisfying. The workouts were easy to follow and challenging, in a good way! They really pushed me to try harder. I’m really happy with what I learned from Christy!” – Nanette L.

“We have already done two workouts and are super thrilled with how we feel. I love the workouts and the circuits are amazing! Thanks for making adjustments where I needed them.” – Kristin L.