Is this program for you?

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The answer is YES if:
You set a New Year’s resolution to get healthy and lose weight.
You have a health condition you would like to treat naturally.
You want to look and feel your best.
You are ready for a change but don’t know where to start.
You are ready to follow the program and stay committed for 28 days.
You will give yourself the time you need to prepare food from scratch and exercise regularly.
You are interested in learning how to cook healthfully.
You are excited to become your own health guru and transform your life.
You have all the necessary technology to complete the program.

The answer is NO if:
You do not have time to devote to the entire 28-day program.
You are entirely too preoccupied with other time-consuming tasks and will not have time to prepare food and exercise.
You do not have Internet access.
You want in-person coaching (see my website for more info).
You aren’t a team player or tend to be judgemental of others.