Do you have testimonials from previous clients using your programs?

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Here are just a few testimonials from my clients!

“As a vegan of four years (vegetarian for 10 years before that), I was initially interested in Wellness Reboot to help with meal planning. I was in a rut and this became a chore as opposed to something fun. I knew my way around the kitchen pretty well. So I only anticipated picking up a pointer or two, but I learned so much more. I found myself getting excited about new cooking techniques like using a pressure cooker and learning to cook without oil. The pressure cooker helped me save time and money (hello dried beans, goodbye canned beans). And the new cooking methods helped me make lower-fat dishes that didn’t sacrifice on taste one bit. I was hoping to lose a pound or two, but didn’t expect much. Boy was I surprised. There was something about the synergistic approach of this program that propelled me into high-gear. I began eating even better and got excited about working out, probably from a mix of having more energy and using the fun, yet challenging workouts that were included. By the end of the program, not only did I find myself 12 pounds lighter and 2 inches of my waist, but I also found a new passion for healthy eating and even began weight training. Hey, I had to do something will all that extra energy!! Thank you so much, Christy, for laying it all out and making it so easy and fun to follow this program.” – Darin C. (August)

“Following Christy’s fitness and nutrition program was the first time in a while that I had visible results from my efforts. The recipes were delicious and easy and satisfying. The workouts were easy to follow and challenging, in a good way! They really pushed me to try harder. I’m really happy with what I learned from Christy!” – Nanette L.

“The Wellness Reboot has expanded my capacity for creativity in the kitchen and helped me recalibrate my habits – letting go of those that no longer serve me and embracing those that energize. I look forward to continuing to be a part of a growing community of individuals ready to commit to their holistic health. ” – Leah L. (January)

“The Wellness Reboot was amazing! Love the recipes and love the workouts. The program teaches you how to shop and cook efficiently to maintain a healthy, plant-based, and tasty diet.” – Melissa Y. (January)

“Christy, I can’t thank you enough for this program! I am only on day 3 but already feeling so good with all the extra veggies, consistent protein, lack of caffeine, etc…And I am loving the exercise routines. I can’t believe I am saying that! But they are really fun and I feel so energetic right after.” – Laurie (July)

“WR has me trying new recipes that I would have probably skipped over in the past. It also has me faster in the kitchen. Being more efficient has led to more cooking at home, which has led to a huge decrease in our ‘eating out’ budget. I am excited over the fact that my addiction to sweets has lessened significantly – something I *never* thought would happen! I am also excited that the program has me moving again, something I have needed after several surgeries last year. I wanted to start the year with positive changes and WR has been the perfect springboard for doing so and as an added bonus, I’ve also lost weight. The only downside is I am running out of clothes to wear (being forced to give my old clothes away since they are now way too baggy!).” – Danielle B (January)

“My story began 1.5 years ago when I was tired of being sick and tired. I was on 4 prescriptions and the doctor wanted to add a 5th. I sought out the holistic practices of an acupuncturist who introduced me to juicing and then I found Christy at a yoga retreat. Christy’s food was so delicious that I attended her weekend retreat of cooking classes, which was the best decision of my life! Christy’s classes have literally been a lifesaver! I am down 50 pounds and I am no longer on medications!” – Marlene T. (cooking class student)

“Chad Byers is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about health and fitness. I have been training with him for just over a year and have lost over 50 pounds of body fat while increasing my strength each week. The workouts are always varied and he pushes me to reach all of my goals. Chad is really supportive and I leave each session feeling strong and determined!” – Tricia K. (trained by Chad Byers)

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