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Wellness Programs

Wellness Reboot is a program for individuals and businesses. We provide education in healthful eating habits and lifestyle changes that can easily be incorporated into your daily life. Improving your overall health is more than just lowering the number on the scale. You must reset or reboot the way you eat and live. We’ll show you how it’s done. And it will be fun!

28-Day Reboot – $99

Would you like to do a wellness program that gives you all the resources and support you need to make lasting changes in your health that stick? Do you think it’s time to start giving yourself love and the attention your body needs to live a healthful life? If you’ve answered “yes” to these questions than Wellness Reboot is your answer! WR is a 28 day online (all digital) program that gives you the tools you need to reach your health goals. Start at anytime and register today!

Is this a cleanse?

Sort of. We like the word reboot because this program gives you a new start. The program is designed to help you get off addictive foods that aren’t serving your greater health. So you will be cleansing and may experience a detox depending on your current diet. But there is no deprivation on this program. You get to eat plenty of delicious foods while learning the tools needed for continued success.

What do you get with the 28-Day Reboot? Watch the video below!

  • Getting started notebook with over 30 pages of content (PDF)
  • 4 week menu plan of tasty meals with shopping lists (Sunday-Friday, PDF)
  • 14 cooking videos that show easy, healthy plant-based meals (video/online)
  • High Intensity Workouts designed by fitness coach, Chad Byers
    • Exercise plan tailored to your goals (video and PDF)
  • Unlimited access to private Facebook group for continual support for your lifetime!
  • Start anytime! (program starts on a Sunday of your choice)


Our 28-day program is self-paced meaning you have access to the program for one month and follow along on your own.

If you need hand-holding and could benefit from one-to-one coaching please email us for details.

You can start at any time! Just be sure to sign up before Saturday to get ready and start your program on a Sunday of the week. Be sure to read and sign our Terms and Conditions before paying.

7-Day Refresh – $19.99

Not ready to commit to the full 28 day program? Then try the 7-Day Refresh!

I hesitate to call this 7 day program a “cleanse” because there is no deprivation and you get to eat delicious food the whole time. It’s more of a teaser to the full 28-day Wellness Reboot program. 7 days will give you a taste of what you can experience if you continue on the path to good health! After completing the 7-Day Reboot you will start to feel the effects of eating whole, unprocessed foods. Many people will lose weight, many lose their sugar cravings and ease their digestive issues. This cleanse is perfect for those who need a reboot, need to lose a few pounds for an event, want to do a cleanse but hasn’t had luck with juice fasts or other cleanses in a box, if you want to experience what it’s like to eat vegan for a week, or just need some help with meal planning and new recipe ideas!

Register now!! The 7-Day Refresh includes a one week meal plan, shopping list, 3 cooking videos, and a sample workout you can do at home with no special equipment. All for only $19.99!


Employee Wellness Reboot

Improve the health of your employees, reduce healthcare costs, and cultivate a more effective workforce with our corporate and business wellness programs. Combining both the body and the mind, our program is different than the others. We empower your employees to take charge of their health and wellness with methods that are proven for success.

Do you already have a wellness program? Since our program is a 28 day reboot it’s a wonderful addition to your existing program. If you have no wellness program set up the Wellness Reboot is a great way to motivate and educate your employees on the benefits of healthy eating and exercise. We’ll come in to give lectures on healthy eating, classes on plant-based cooking, and teach fitness techniques that are designed for people who sit at a desk most the day.