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Healthy Living Workshops & Team-Building Cooking Classes

We are the top choice for companies who want to increase their employees’ productivity, efficiency, and health. Let chef, educator and author, Christy Morgan, join you and your team for a wellness event that will be fun, tasty, and educational! Across the globe, companies with wellness programs in place for their employees see an increase in efficacy, happiness, and productivity, while decreasing absenteeism. A loss of productivity can cost your company thousands, so why not give your team the gift of good health with our workshops. It benefits the company just as much as the employees.

Our Workshops are:

  • Fun – no one likes to sit in a boring presentation, so we make it fun and interactive
  • Inspiring – the information your employees learn can be incorporated into their everyday life
  • Tasty – everyone gets to try to the recipes we make in the workshop
  • Affordable – the health of your employees is priceless, but we work with your budget to fit your needs
  • Convenient – we take care of everything so your employees can sit back and enjoy the experience

“Nurturing a culture of wellness at your company can only ensure you have a group of people giving you their best all the time.”

Healthy Living

Our Healthy Living Workshop includes a twenty minute lecture on the benefits of plant-based foods and how to incorporate more of these disease-fighting foods into your diet. Following the lecture is a twenty minute cooking demonstration that will show how to make one easy and delicious recipe. Then everyone will get to try the dish prepared and ask any questions they may have on cooking, eating healthy, and lifestyle changes they can make to improve their quality of life.

1 hour workshop with cooking demo starts at 200€ 
(price depends on type of workshop and company size)

We have many options available to meet your company’s needs including seminars on meal planning and fitness. Let us know if you want a specially designed event. All workshops can be adjusted to fit your needs and schedule. Discounts given when signing up for 4 workshops each year.

Are you looking for a fun way to get your management team working together? How about a Team-Building Cooking Class?

Cooking Classes

Get your team together to make easy and delicious plant-based recipes together. Your team not only learns how to work together more effectively, but they learn helpful knife techniques, cooking skills, and healthy food preparations. After the class everyone will get to try the dishes prepared and ask any questions they have on cooking, eating healthy, and lifestyle changes they can make to prevent disease and increase wellness

Hands-on cooking class – price starts at 55€ per person 
(price depends on type of workshop and how many hours, please get in touch for a quote)(plus the cost of rental, if needed)

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