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7-Day Refresh

Welcome to the 7 Day Refresh!

Everything that you need for the 7 Day Refresh is right here on this page! Please download the Getting Started Guide, watch the Welcome video below, review all the material, print out the shopping list and meal plan, and get started making the delicious meals! If you have any questions at all review the 7 Day Refresh FAQ’s before contacting us.¬†Have a blast!

Getting Started Guide and FAQ’s

Getting Started Guide

7 Day Refresh FAQs

Meal Plan

Print out the meal plan with no photos for the most printer friendly version of the recipes.

Shopping List
7 Day meal plan no photos
7 Day Meal Plan
no photos
7 day meal plan no photos
7 Day Meal Plan
with photos

Video #1 – How to make Polenta Porridge

Video #2 – How to make Yam Boats with Smokey Chili Beans

Video #3 – How to make Zucchini Pasta

 Click image below for the PDF and directions for Workout A


Workout A

The workout video below shows you how to do all the moves in Workout A. It is not in real time.