The next phase in my training

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Hi folks! I know it’s been a long time since I updated. So what have I been doing for the last 4 weeks post competition? One thing I’ve been doing is eating. A lot. And not the best food either. After competition dieting the pendulum swung so far past the middle that I gained more weight than I had before I started training. But it’s ok. I can go off track for a few weeks and still be ok. But I have to get back on track now!!


Another thing taking up my time besides eating all the food is training for a triathlon that is at the end of September. I was signed up for the Olympic distance but since I hadn’t done any endurance training in 3.5 months and only have 7 weeks to train I decide to do the Sprint instead. After the competition I was exhausted. I needed a break from everything. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to put in the intense training I needed to do to finish the Olympic distance strong. So I’m going to train hard and finish the sprint stronger than my race two years ago. I’d rather do that than risk not even finishing the olympic distance.


Since the competition I said goodbye to my weight lifting routine. I miss it and want to start lifting again next week. I haven’t been able to make it work into my schedule with triathlon training. That consists of biking, running and swimming each two times per week. I haven’t been consistent but feel as though I am making gains. After two weeks of training I was able to bike 60 minutes followed by a 2 mile run. Tuesday I ran 3 miles without stopping, so I’m feeling pretty confident. For some reason I have little desire to do the swim training. What is wrong with me?? It’s summer in Texas and swimming is one of the best activities to do here!

beyond fitwod

I still continue to workout out at Beyond Fit to get my cardio/functional training. Even though I haven’t been lifting weights I feel strong and continue to push myself in those workouts. For the triathlon training I have a friend who is coaching me through it. It’s nice to have a plan to follow (even if I don’t follow it to the tee) and he trains with me sometimes too. That keeps me motivated! I do much better when I train with someone else for endurance activities. I’m totally fine rocking it out in the gym lifting weights alone, but the triathlon training is not my favorite so I find it more difficult.

So why do it if it’s not that enjoyable? That’s a very good question! I tend to do things just to say that I did them. I also like pushing myself into uncomfortable, unknown territory. I’ve signed up for the Spartan Beast Race in December and have a goal of entering either Figure or Physique in a bodybuilding show next year with PlantBuilt. As always I will document the journey here! It pushes me to know you are reading and cheering me on and pushing your own limits!

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