Texas VegFest, Plant-Built, and other fun news

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Howdy folks! Just wanted to give you a quick update on what I’ve been up to and share some exciting news with you! Two weekends ago I had the pleasure of attending and speaking at the 2nd Annual Texas VegFest. It was so cool to speak in my own town! There were so many amazing vendors, speakers, delicious food, and everyone had a blast. This was my second festival of the year and I look forward to many more in the future. I LOVE connecting with people in person and getting to do what I love; teach healthy vegan cooking. I even brought Austin on stage with me to talk about his vegan journey as an athlete (his first time to speak to over 100 people). Everyone was hanging on his every word. He’s a natural 😉 Thanks to everyone that attending my cooking demo and came and said hello!


This past weekend, Austin entered his first bodybuilding show as a vegan (his 13th show total). He had some intense competition but won 2nd place in the Masters Bodybuilding (Over 35) and 3rd in the Masters Physique category. We were pleasantly surprised at these wins because there were some HUGE guys there. You can read all about his plant-based journey on his blog. (excuse the blurry iPhone photo of us after his win)

A group of vegan athletes have created an organization called Plant Built. They will all come together for the Natural Fit Super Show here in Austin in July to prove that you can do anything on a vegan diet. Austin has joined this group of inspirational peeps and has now convinced me that I need to enter this show. Woah. I have agreed and he is going to personally train me to get ready for it. If any of you vegan athletes are reading this thinking this might be something you can do then please join us. It will be the largest gathering of vegan athletes at a bodybuilding show EVER. We are making history folks. Come be a part of it!


My training schedule has already been pretty intense. Over the last month I’ve become a complete slacker in my business. I have a huge list of things I want to get done that have taken a backseat to my training. Those that have completed the Wellness Reboot are begging for weekly meal plans they can purchase. I also have a series of eBooks in the works. These are really cool projects that mean a lot to me and will benefit you all in so many ways. I may have to take a break from blogging as much and social media so I can really buckle down and focus. You won’t go anywhere right?

I just wanted to say a big thank you to every single one of my readers, friends, fans, students, clients and followers. Whether you are just joining me or have read my blog since the beginning it’s been such a pleasure to share myself with you and read all about your  personal journeys. That sort of sounds like a goodbye, which it totally isn’t. I’m not going to stop blogging and you will be hearing from me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. I just need to dial it down a bit. I love you!

Have you ever taken a break from something you love to focus on a new love? What were some strategies you used to make sure everyone got done? Tell us about it on the comments!


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  • Dreena Burton 20 / 04 / 2013 Reply

    The Texas Vegfest sounded like great fun – would have loved to watch your demo! I saw your tweet about Austin’s big win! Send my congrats to him, that is such an accomplishment – way to represent!

    I don’t know if there ARE strategies to get everything done. Usually something gets done only ‘so well’ when you try to do everything. So, take your break and enjoy your new passion – it will fuel you in new ways!

    p.s. Those photos of you are so lovely, Christy!

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