Is this going to become a fitness blog?

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UPDATE: I started a new fitness blog over at So if you are interested in fitness head on over there and subscribe with your email! Thanks!

Q: Is this going to become a fitness blog now that your life is all about training?

Of course not!

Wait, you didn’t hear that I’m training for another triathlon and have been training hours a day for the last month? It’s true. I’ve become obsessed with fitness (again!) and signed myself up for the Stonebridge Ranch Triathlon I did in September 2011. I’ll be stepping it up a notch to the Olympic distance (1500 meter swim – 22 mile bike – 10k run) instead of the Sprint (750 meter swim – 11mile bike – 5k run). Woah!

I would seriously love to know if you want to hear about my workouts and training. Is exercise, fitness, and getting ripped something you care about? If I was to post every once in a while my workouts and photos of me being a bad-ass would you stop being a reader of my blog? Because I don’t want you to leave!!

BeyondFit workoutThis has always been and will remain a place where I share delicious recipes with you and my ramblings on nutrition, fun products, cooking techniques, and all things vegan food. But I need to hear from you. Do you like my Cooking By Color feature so far on the blog? Would you like to see more written essay type posts with my thoughts on important issues? Do you want more of a specific type of recipes or do you like the variety I provide? Do you wish I would hurry up and do more cooking videos (I know it’s been forever!!)? Or are you a big fan of my FAQ With A Vegan Chef posts?

Now is your chance to share your thoughts! I really write this blog and create these recipes for YOU. It takes a lot of time, effort and even money to produce a food blog like this so do tell me what you like and dislike. I want you to keep reading, but if you never leave comments I will never know if someone is reading and getting something out of my efforts.

BF box jump

I did want to share a little bit of the training I’ve been doing in case it might help you to reach your fitness goals. In October last year I started training at Beyond Fit. It’s sort of like Crossfit in a way but less dangerous and none of the agro-paleo b.s. because my trainer is plant-based! We do what is called HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training. You can see from the photos some of the workouts we do. You can also watch this video of Chad and I doing a HIIT workout in real time.

BF amrap

This type of training has done more for my strength, agility, flexibility, and weight-loss than any other activity I’ve ever done. You push yourself for short bursts of time as hard as you can with small rest breaks in-between. You are done in under 30 minutes but it gives you the same if not more endurance than a traditional 1 hour fitness class. So no excuses like “I don’t have time to workout.”!!

Chad and I BF

I’ve also been swimming, biking, and running each 2 times per week for my triathlon training. Couple that with at least 2-3 weight training days and one yoga class on my “off” day. Basically my life revolves around my fitness schedule. I’m getting into a routine and actually look forward to working out most days (unlike the first couple of weeks where I hated it).

Today I chatted with a real triathlete about why I’m doing this.

A. It feels good and keeps me healthy.

B. I want to be able to say I did it.

Could I actually be competitive at triathlons? I tell myself probably not. But what if I could? Would I be willing to put in the training (and the expense) to become a real triathlete? I guess time will tell on this one. For now I will enjoy the ride!

So tell me, do you want to hear about my training and my nutrition during training? Or not so much? Have YOU ever done a triathlon and do you have any tips for me? Do you have any favorite tri blogs you follow?

Thanks everyone for giving your honest feedback! It’s super helpful and will shape the future of this blog 🙂

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  • Hollie 29 / 03 / 2013 Reply

    I love fitness stuff! I actually don’t know many great fitness blogs so post away, I say!

  • Amy 29 / 03 / 2013 Reply

    Reading about your fitness regime would be helpful to me! But, making it sound not totally daunting to a newbie would be nice, too!

    I like the color of the month feature, but so far the recipes seem too “fussy” or in some way aren’t what I would prepare for myself. I need stuff I can make fast when I’m tired from work or that i can prep for a week of packed lunches. But that’s probably because my time constraints seem so different from yours.

    Thanks for a great blog!

  • Genevieve 29 / 03 / 2013 Reply

    Honestly, I miss the old skool Christy Morgan. Back when you were in L.A.your blog was full of useful, practical vegan info, thoughts on issues, etc. It was more controversial and about YOU.

    I feel like in the last couple of years you have watered it all down a bit and you try to have mass appeal and stay in a safe space with all the cooking color of the month/ kitchen tool of the month stuff and relentless self-promotion of your book and reboot. I want more of YOUR personality to shine through. Tell us about life in Austin, the up’s and down’s of business, tips on getting a business started, activism, your thoughts on relevant vegan news: Ellen not being vegan, should we support vegan businesses run by non-vegans (à la Sweet Ritual!), Alex Jaimieson’s meat eating rant, etc. etc. etc.

    Be controversial; have an opinion!..and keep those videos coming! 🙂

  • Erin 29 / 03 / 2013 Reply

    I like a wide variety of posts. There is little chance I will ever do a triathlon, but I do find it interesting. But recipes are always my favorite.

  • I would love to read more about your training, Christy, but I’d be most interested in the food part of it.

  • Pat 29 / 03 / 2013 Reply

    My favorite blogs from you are those where you give an idea of your day to day life, opinions and food and recipes. I didn’t like the food colors or cooking method of the month as much. If you’re going to blog about fitness it would be great if you included the other topics also. BTW I also like reading about where you’re living and other cities you’re visiting.

  • Share your day-to-day eats. How are you fuelling your workouts? Are you trying to eat more protein? 🙂

  • betty scandretti 30 / 03 / 2013 Reply

    I’m very interested in training posts, but particularly in nutritional aspects of training – I’m vegetarian and prefer to limit my dairy intake, and I have found that I need to plan my food intake very carefully when I’m doing a lot of intensive exercise. I’d also be keen to see specific workout examples!

  • Vicky Tayloy 30 / 03 / 2013 Reply

    I read every single one of your posts. I enjoy the macrobiotic bent towards food. I am a survivor of an accident so can no longer do any sort of fitness other than a walk around the block so I usually scan the fitness sections. I like food posts best. Opinions on issues with a vegan perspective are great too. I have your cookbook and enjoy it as well. Thanks for your blog Christy.

  • I enjoy the fitness posts worked in every now and then. As we’ve discussed before, it is something I am trying to work on myself (just at a much less intense level, lol! I am ‘training for a triathlon’ vicariously through you as that is not a practical goal at this particular time!).

    I really enjoy the Cooking by Color theme. You definitely use ingredients in ways I haven’t seen before and I love that. It has helped broaden my palette and who doesn’t want to do that?

    The videos you do are great. I do enjoy the FAQs and cooking videos. They have helped me to become much more efficient in the kitchen so now I am no longer hesitant or worried about how much time I’m spending in the kitchen and as a result, I am eating much more healthy, whole foods. My nutrition content has skyrocketed since January 1.

    My vote is for a variety of posts. I believe it keeps things fresh and the fitness component, and how you approach nutrition with this in mind, can be quite motivating.

    Thank you for all of the time you put into the information you give us and for all of the great info!

  • Christy Morgan 01 / 04 / 2013 Reply

    Thanks for the feedback everyone!!! <3

  • Patty 04 / 04 / 2013 Reply

    Hi Christy,

    Long time, no talk! I’m sorry I haven’t been here in a bit. Life! It can be crazy at times. I still regularly read your blog, and love it, even if I don’t take the time to comment. But, I love this question, and appreciate being asked. Soooo, YES, please blog about both your fitness and fitness nutrition. I would love that, and need all of the inspiration I could get. I had slimmed down quite a bit, after becoming vegan 3 years ago, and enjoyed tremendous health benefits too, but as you may remember it’s all about the animals for me. I live to do anything and everything that I can to make this world a better place for animals. Well, I had a motorcycle accident last April and got a little hurt (the bike was totaled), therefore, I had to go to Physical Therapy, etc. I kept eating healthy, naturally, and kept up on all of my weekly Pilates classes (on the reformer- 3-5x per week), so I didn’t change my healthy, active, lifestyle, BUT, the injuries caused my performance to decline, but I kept at it. Well, I was regressing physically and got depressed and kept eating good, but MORE, and eating more with inferior performance/injuries caused me to gain about 60 pounds that I’d lost whe I became vegan. Very depressing! Plus, I’m sure, to be honest, that being depressed made me eat more veg junk food than I’d care to admit. I started adding in running to train for my first 5k, in addition to my Pilates, and hoped this would help me lean out. Well, as it turns out this revealed a hip impingement and labral tear and all i did was make it worse. But, at least it lead to the testing that got it diagnosed and finally about a week and a half ago I just had hip arthroscopic surgery to repair the labrum and correct the impingement (which meant shaving off part of my femoral head to reshape it to fit in the socket properly). SO, long story longer, 3 weeks on crutches, 6weeks of PT 3x/week, no Pilates for a couple of months and no running for 6 months and my surgeon recommends a different form of cardio when I am released to it, because running will never be the greatest for me with all of that impact. Ouch! So, yes, please share your fitness activities, because I need to be inspired. I WILL get released,to excercise eventually, and my good friend/Pilates instructor says she’ll help me get whipped in to shape. She’s awesome! AND my good friend/Physical Therapist will get me rehabbed over the next six weeks. She’s awesome too. Also, I get to go to an AWESOME vegan retreat this month, which will help heal and elevate me mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. YEAH! So, I’m positive I’ll be doing much better soon, but can use all the help I can get. Yes, I love your cooking by color posts, and your cooking techniques and tools posts, Bring it on. I also love when you share as much of yourself, and your beautiful personality, as you are comfortable doing. So, please, post a variety of whatever you feel passionate about. I’m in! I love long essay type posts that are informative and opinionated and I love animal rights and I love health and the environment. And, you know I love your cookbook and cook from it all of the time. Many of your meals and homemade dressings are go to faves of mine. And, I’m a beginner cook and none of your meals are too difficult or time consuming for me. Thank you for being you and for sharing with us here. Sorry for the long reply! Take care and much love, Patty from Nevada

    • Christy Morgan 05 / 04 / 2013 Reply

      So great to hear from you Patty! So sorry to hear about your accident but I’m glad you are on your way to recover and are back on track with your eating habits! Go you!! Thanks for your feedback on my blog and what you would like to see. I appreciate it and all your comments! 🙂

  • Christine 07 / 04 / 2013 Reply

    Hi Christy, I stopped you at Vegfest in Austin yesterday. I vote for more fitness stuff! Even if it’s on a separate tab, instead of the main page, I think there needs to be more accessible information about being an incredibly active vegan. I only know of a few resources and most of them don’t even talk about fueling your body for HIIT activities. They’re more focused on running OR weights, not a nice mix of the two or Olympic/heavy lifting. Best of luck in your future endeavors!

  • Sarah C. 14 / 06 / 2013 Reply

    Hi, pretty late to the conversation, but I thought I’d chime in since I’ve actually just found your blog for the first time (I read a lot vegan food blogs but somehow missed yours!). I actually WANT the fitness part most of all. There a lot of food and recipe blogs, but very few that are focused on vegan fitness (ok, there are a few, but still way fewer than food and lifestyle blogs). I would love to see more training plans, workout results, and how you fuel for workouts. I did a spring triathlon a while back and I’m thinking of gearing up to train for another one, so I may just be particularly interested in this aspect more than others. But I do think that a vegan fitness blog would be a nice addition to the vegan blogosphere. Thanks, and good luck with your training!

    • Christy Morgan 15 / 06 / 2013 Reply

      Hi Sarah and welcome to my blog! I decided to start a whole new blog over on my other website where I talk all about fitness and nutrition. Head on over there and subscribe if you like!

      • Sarah C. 16 / 06 / 2013 Reply

        Fantastic – thanks!! I’ll head over there right now!

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