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February Cooking By Color – White, Brown, Black

One of my favorite brown/black foods are featured today! Mushrooms!! Monica has a delicious and fun recipe for us using shiitake mushrooms. This sandwich is drool-worthy! What is your favorite way to use mushrooms?

Shiitake Sliders by Monica

My love for shiitake mushrooms stems back to my post-college years living in Philadelphia. I was just beginning to realize that I wanted to be a full-time chef, so I was experimenting with ingredients and recipes like crazy. I remember reading about how mushrooms, in general, are really healthy and quite versatile for vegetarians, so the next time I went food shopping I went straight for the mushroom section. The beautiful shiitake mushrooms called to me. Growing up, I was exposed to mostly white button mushrooms, Portobello mushrooms, and sometimes crimini, but never shiitake. It was finally time to break the ice with these fungi, so I bought a pound and started slicing and sautéing. I found many recipes to test, but none of them quite measured up to the one I created as a result of craving something spicy, “meaty,” and of substance.

shiitake sliders

In time, I discovered shiitakes have immense healing benefits as they are proven to provide immune support and improve cardiovascular health among many other things. I came up with the Shiitake Sliders recipe below based on flavor profiles and ingredients I enjoy using. The caramelized onions and the spicy sriracha “mayo,” not to mention the star of the recipe: shiitakes work great together. Using the slider buns adds a whole other dimension to preparing food and I just think they’re down right cute and perfect for appetizers or bite-size meals.

The recipe is simple, inexpensive and 100 percent vegan. So next time you plan a meal or a party, keep these Shiitake Sliders in mind.


What is your favorite thing to do with mushrooms? What are your favorite kinds? Have you found that certain mushrooms work better for certain types of dishes?

closeupCiao! My name is Monica and I am La Vegetariana. I am the Italian vegetarian who is journeying through life sharing my recipes, stories, reviews and more. I am a certified vegan chef, health consultant and journalist using the power of food to heal and the power of words to make life just a little more delicious and enjoyable. Italian food. Vegetarian living. Endless possibilities…that’s my motto. Follow my food-filled life and learn how to eat healthy, eat green, and eat Italian. Buon Appetito!

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