Fun times at Rocky Raccoon and no internet

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Howdy folks! I owe you a blog post about the February Cooking By Color announcement (which is WHITE, BROWN, BLACK) but it has been a crazy two weeks for me!! I do apologize!

Here’s an update on the craziness that is my life. Last week I went to Dallas for a few days to meet with clients. A group of women hired me to do a cooking party for a birthday gift. None of them were vegan and they were unsure about the whole vegan thing. But they had a blast and loved all the food! After this I took a bus to Fayetteville, Arkansas to see my brother and mother and pick up a car I own that I let my mother borrow. I drove back to Dallas the next day, then back to Austin. That evening I moved one car and van load of things into my new house.


Then the very next day I drove to Huntsville, TX with my sweetie (Austin Barbisch from Solid PT) for his 100 mile ultramarathon. We spent the weekend in a nice bed and breakfast. This tiny little town had a few options for dining like the Japanese restaurant meal featured above. Most importantly they had a Kroger with a small organic section so I was able to make my own meals. I made a taco salad that was delish! When traveling it’s a great idea to stay somewhere that has a kitchen so you can make your own healthy food and not worry about finding healthy restaurant options. But it is possible no matter where you are traveling to get vegan food 🙂

photo (17)

His race started at 6am on Saturday (we were up at 4am) and every 4 hours I drove to the starting line to greet him and help him fill his camel back. I was back up at 3am the next day to watch him cross the finish line and get his medal. This was his second race as a vegan and he knocked 35 minutes off his last year’s time!! I’m so proud of him!

Then I came back and moved the rest of my stuff into the house. We haven’t had internet all week (I’m actually at my gym Beyond Fit using the internet right now!) or a set up kitchen so it’s been hard to cook and post any recipes. That will all change this weekend! So keep an eye out for a few delicious recipes this coming week featuring White, Brown, and Black foods.

What are your favorite white, brown, and black foods? Share with us!

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  • Terri Cole 09 / 02 / 2013 Reply

    White: Parsnips, Jicama, Daikon radish. Brown: Lentils. Black: hmmmmmmmmmm…. black beans, I guess.

  • Lizz 10 / 02 / 2013 Reply

    We’re big fans of legumes in this house! Lentils, black beans, and brown rice would be my favorite black and brown foods. We are also fond of quinoa.

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