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New projects, life as a substitute teacher and lack of time management

Hey blissful beings! I have some good excuses why I haven't been so great at writing blog posts lately. Truth be told, my agent is shopping my next cookbook idea to publishers. That has me holding back recipes because they may go in said book. I've been making so much delicious stuff!! I'm going to share some new recipes with you soon. I promise!

Tarragon Dijon Dressing

You can find this salad dressing, Tarragon Dijon, on Renegade Health!

Pea and Banana Pepper Chilled Soup

Chilled Pea and Banana Pepper Soup

TLTA Wrap (Tofu Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Avocado)

TLTA Wrap with Cashew Mayo (Tofu Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Avocado)

Chipotle Black Bean Fritters with Avocado Crème Sauce

Chipotle Black Bean Fritters with Avocado Crème Sauce

Another project I'm working on is a 12 recipe booklet for PlantFusion. As many of you know I've become quite the athlete and have increased the amount of protein I eat daily. Using PF has done wonders for my body along with working out. I'm shocked and excited that my body can build muscle, get cut, and be strong after being vegan for so long. Well, I'm not shocked per se. Just one look at the Vegan Bodybuilding site shows that even vegans can be strong. But it's most likely that these people were fit before they went vegan and held onto their muscle with increased plant protein. And they work really hard! My lifestyle and work schedule (and lack of structure) doesn't allow me to work out as much as I'd like (excuses, excuses). I am still doing the Tough Mudder and I couldn't be more thrilled!

We've all got bills to pay. Dear readers you may think the life of a cookbook author and entrepreneur is glamourous and sometimes it is (in my head), but most the time for me it's working a lot for very little money (or spurts of big money here and there). Since I picked up my business and moved to Austin only a few months ago I haven't gotten my business here off the ground. These things take time when you move to a new city. So I've been substituting at preschools part-time as a way to make money. It has been such a blast! And each school I've been to has requested me again (so I guess they like me).

These kids look up to me and actual listen to me! I'm infiltrating their little brains with nougats of health wisdom, sharing my love for vegetables, and teaching them how important it is that they eat healthfully. One school has a small garden that has become more ornamental. They have a fennel plant that is huge. Kids gaze upon the many caterpillars crawling all over it. I explained that this was a vegetable and they could actually eat the fronds. They were so trusting and started nibbling down. Most of them squeed in glee because it tasted a little bit like licorice candy. A few gave me the eww face. I told them what the bottom of the plant looked like that was hidden under the ground. I also promised to bring fennel in with me the next time I was there so we could taste the bottom bulb. And that's just what I did! I wish I would have gotten a photo of that. They chomped and chomped and asked me to bring in more vegetables. My heart soared that day.

And then there's my new love interest taking up time (gladly). I feel like pinching myself everyday. It's all so new but I have a good feeling about this one. So much so that I've started to help him build his business and brand. I helped him start a blog and Twitter account. I feel blessed that I can share what I've learned in the last 7 years running my own business and building my brand. He can learn what works and learn from all my mistakes lol! How happy I am to lift my partner up and help him see how much potential he truly has!

So that's what is going on in my world right now. How about you? Any fun projects you are excited about? 

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  1. Thanks for the shout out Christy!  My fun new project that I'm excited about is my blog – it's only a few weeks old but already I'm loving how it is connecting me with my passions – and with others who share them.  I have to watch myself though, because I can easily lose track of the hours when I'm working on it!


  2. I love cooking from Blissful Bites. Those chipotle black bean fritters look ever so appealing Good luck with all new ventures, and I look forward to a second cook book. Lib


  3. Wow. I love the honesty of this post. Many of us forget how much hard work it is on a daily basis to run our own businesses. I personally would love to see more content revolving around your business and see tips and suggestions for others trying to break into the world of healthy living and eating.

    Keep up the good work!


    • Thank you! I sometimes struggle with getting too personal because I do want to have a private life. But I do love sharing! If you have specific questions about running a business in the health world feel free to ask and I will try to answer them in a FAQ video! Email me


  4. Congrats on the teaching and all your exciting projects, Christy! I love that you are working with kids and teaching them all about whole foods!  One of my favorite parts of my job is working with children and helping them to explore new veggies.  It's so important to reach them when they're young!  And I really hope you're able to do a second book! 🙂


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