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Birthday weekend was a success!


I don't know about you but I like to celebrate my birthday all weekend. My birthday was on Mother's Day and is was a blast due to some really great friends I've made in Dallas, delicious food, and fun activities throughout the entire weekend. Celebrations started last Thursday with an Indian dinner with my dad. We went to a new place and it was pretty good. We had a dosa that was the largest I'd ever had before, but a tweeter told me they had dosas twice the size in India. Wowza! 

My dad and I talked about his childhood a little and I learned more about him that I ever knew. It's funny that the older you get you can actually have deep conversations with your parents more so than when you were a child. 

Friday I headed to Dallas for a special birthday dinner at Naan Sushi who now offers a separate vegan menu. This makes me so happy because I love sushi! Everything was delicious and the owner stopped by the table to tell us how excited he was that we were ordering off the vegan menu. So if you live in Dallas/Plano go show your support.

Sushi at Naan

I told him it was my birthday and he brought over a glass of wine for everyone. I will definitely be back to visit Naan soon. It's rare occasion when you can get vegan nigiri sushi. Look at this beautiful plate of sushi! There was pickled eggplant, pickled daikon, shiitake mushrooms, avocado, some other pickled thing, inari and a cucumber roll. 

After stuffing ourselves we headed to Spiral Diner in Dallas for dessert! They have the best desserts ever. I usually go with a chocolate brownie a la mode with their homemade vanilla ice cream but they had a chocolate cheesecake that was calling out to me. It was one of the most divine chocolate desserts to cross my tastebuds. 

Kind of a blurry photo and missing one of my closest friends here (behind the camera), but you can see the cute dress I got just for the occasion 😉 This was before we had chocolate all over our faces.

I started Saturday teaching a cooking class for the Black Vegetarian Society of Texas. Why not throw some work into the birthday mix! It was lovely to meet everyone. It makes my day to expose someone new to kale and tasty vegan meals. After that we continued the Harry Potter marathon that was started the previous weekend. It was awesome to watch all the movies back-to-back (well almost). We made pizza; one with spinach, pineapple, red peppers and mozzarella Daiya; the other with mushrooms, Upton's seitan, peppers, and cheddar Daiya. It was good times!

Sunday morning (my actual birthday) we watched the final Harry Potter movie and headed to Spiral Dallas for brunch. All-you-can-eat banana walnut pancakes were had as well as this amazing breakfast quesadilla filled with tofu scramble, sausage and Daiya served with guac and sour cream. 

As you can see it's no wonder I did a fruit only fast the next day. I ate SO much food for my birthday weekend. But I ended it on a great note, at an indoor trampoline park! It was so much fun and such a great work out. I did injure myself quite a few times though! I was trying to do a back flip and landed on my head, then banged up my knee pretty bad, then slid down the side and got trampoline burn on my back (like carpet burn), then I was jumping with my friends kid and her head bumped me in the mouth (my lip is still purple). So by the end of the party I was exhausted and felt very old lol. Especially after being beat at dodgeball by a bunch of kids. Seriously though, it was a blast and worth the wounds. 

Thanks to everyone that celebrated with me. You know how to make a girl feel loved!
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  1. Looks like an awesome weekend Christy!! Happy bday again 🙂 I LOVE the looks of that sushi!! What was the green roll? Inspires me to try to get more creative in my own sushi-making… by the way, the first time I found you was your brown rice sushi video – love it 🙂 And I love the trampoline shot! I had a trampoline growing up, and have so many fun memories from it… Anyway, looks like a super-fun weekend with lots of good eats – perfect celebration 🙂


  2. Belated Happy birthday! that is one enormous Dosa!

    Please do drop by my Auction fundraiser to help VSPCA,India on my blog if you have a minute, to bid or share. Shipping is available in US, India, and some international. They are an amazing org rescuing cows, calfs, dogs, all animals and also feeding vegan meals to the homeless. 



  3. WOW, everything looks DELICIOUS, and that trampoline park looks badass!  I MUST go next time I'm in the big D.  Happy belated b-day!


  4. Those trampoline parks are amazing, there's one or two of them in Austin – great fun. 🙂


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