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Book Tour Update and more!


Hello blissful friends! I'm in New York now after spending time in DC with my close friends and their 2 year old. Fun times! The book tour is going great and it's been such a pleasure to meet so many of you in person! We still have Portland, New Jersey, Philly and more New York events so come out and see me! 

If you want to see photos from the tour my friend Kate (Le Chou Sauvage) is posting all the things we've seen, places we've visited and food we've eaten on her Instagram page. She is an amazing photographer so you should follow her on there and check out her website! You can also find photos from the whole trip posted on my Facebook page

The food is just incredible on the east coast! After my book signing at Roots Market we had dinner at Great Sage. We had an artichoke spinach dip and mac n' cheese that rival all the others I've ever tried. I really wish Great Sage was closer to my house! Of course we had to stop into Sticky Fingers Bakery in DC for some treats. We walked around DC all day in the rain, but it was so much fun!

Everlasting Life Cafe filled our bellies for lunch and it was super delish and the staff was awesome. You would never know by looking at the outside that inside has the most awesome vegan deli and soul food. We had a fried "chicken" sandwich which was made from bean curd strips battered and fried. It was incredible. They also had the best potato salad I've ever had. 

More book tour shenanigans coming later this week!

Something really awesome that happened this past weekend was the Better Health Summit hosted by Heather Nauta of Healthy Eating Starts Here. You can watch hours of interviews with experts in the field of nutrion, health, cooking and fitness. I've attached my interview below for you to see, but definitely take some time to watch the other interviews. I enjoyed them and learned a lot! 

Sorry I don't have a Meatless Monday recipe for you today. I haven't had a second to cook on this trip.

I'd love to hear from you what cool things you learned from the Better Health Summit!! Tell us in the comments some great take-aways from the interviews! And please share with your friends!
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  1. So good to hear you're having fun Christy!! And thanks for posting the info on the Summit again. I got a lot of awesome comments from people who loved watching your video 🙂


  2. Hi, I just discovered your website and principles through the Better Health Summit! I've been eating the processed vegan diet for 4 years now and I'm trying to move towards more whole foods… I'm just very picky, and I don't have a lot of time or money, so it will be a challenge. But this weekend I definitely learned more about nutrition and the effects of foods on our bodies, and got some cool advice on easing into a healthier lifestyle. I think what you do is great, and it's possible you'll see me at one of your NYC or New Jersey events!


    • Wonderful! I'm so happy to hear you are moving toward a whole foods vegan diet! Let me know if I can help you on that journey. Would love to see you in NJ!


      • Cool, I'm pretty sure I'm going to the festival on Friday but I'm not sure about Saturday yet. But if I go I'll definitely check out your talk/demo and try to say hi!


  3. so sad i missed you in dc! hope you enjoyed busboys and poets and sticky fingers – yum!!!


  4. Hey hey lady! You did so awesome on your Healthy summit interview!  Looks like you are having a blast on your book tour also!


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