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8. Cook one recipe out of every cookbook I own

As you read in my Bucket List 2012 post, #8 on the list is to cook one recipe out of every cookbook I own (what was I thinking right??). I think this will be a very fun project, will get me in the kitchen more, and will force me to do more blogs and video content. My book shelf houses 65 cookbooks. That means I must do at least one recipe per week, with some weeks doing two (and I’m behind a week!). Another thing I will do is feature one cooking tool each month and recipes using that tool. So these two things are getting lumped together each month so I make sure to accomplish both at the same time. Whew!

January is Pressure Cooker Month!! 

I’m already behind a week for January so you will get a video on how to use a pressure cooker and a book review of Jill Nussinow’s new pressure cooker cookbook The New Fast Food tomorrow! I highly recommend this book if you are ready to start your love affair with the pressure cooker.

The rest of the months are still being planned. What cooking tools would you like to see featured? Do you have something in your kitchen you’d like to learn how to use more efficiently? Is there something in the back cabinet that needs some love? Let us know in the comments!

Also, if you are a parent who’s kids are loving Blissful Bites and would like to be featured on my blog please send me an email.

I spent some time going through my cookbooks and choosing recipes yesterday. Dad even got in on the fun and got to choose some recipes he’d like me to make (hopefully he will get in the kitchen and help!). 65 cookbooks is a lot. How do you choose? Where do you start? I have no method, I just started grabbing trying to choose a variety of styles, along with a variety of dishes.

These are the books I have started with and last night I got my butt in gear, making two recipes for dinner. This morning I made the Chai Spelt Pancakes from Vegan Diner and will do two more recipes for lunch. That is all coming soon! You can see I have a wide variety of cookbooks, so I think this will be fun for everyone. I have a feeling that some weeks will be less active and during my book tour in March there may be very little cooking going down. So I am taking guest posts for the cookbook and cooking tool features if you are interested. Shoot me an email if you want to be a guest on my blog!

What are your favorite go-to cookbooks? Are you excited to learn about other cookbooks you may have never heard of before with new styles of cooking?

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  1. i keep saying i'm going to do the same thing w/ my cookbooks – take a month and do a recipe from each one each day or something… i have around 50, so not quite as scary as you – but i'm excited to see what you try!

    i'd like to know what to do w/ a wok. I konw it works for asian foods, and i'm considering buying one just for that, but dont know if i'd use it for anything else.

    long live my pressure cooker for sure!



    • 50 is still a lot of cookbooks!! You can use a wok for any stir-frying or sauteing that you do, doesn't have to be Asian food. I have one but don't use it much. I pretty much to everything in a skillet. 


      • yeah i'm a big skillet person too… but i have noticed that the noodles in asian food do clump together when i use my castiron… someone suggested a wok… perhaps i'll just add it to the "if i see it at a thrift store…" list haha 🙂


  2. what a fabulous idea! can't wait to see what you come up with!


  3. girl, you are ambitious!! sounds fun though, and I'll be interested to see what you make out of some of the books in that pile 🙂 My fave cookbook is a toss-up between yours (I'm not even trying to suck up, it's just true!) and Rebar: Modern Food Cookbook. It's from my favorite restaurant in Victoria, BC, and isn't exactly how I do things (recipes aren't all vegan) but they give me awesome ideas to work from 🙂


    • I realize after I got started last night, when will I have time to create my own recipes with this project?? So it may not happen, but I will try! 

      Glad you are still loving Blissful Bites 🙂


  4. LOL. I have a quite a few cookbooks too, though not 65 (!) and am planning on doing at least one from them and a couple magazines I have from them per week… so far, 2nd week of january and I'm behind by 1. ambitious project but you're right, it will get us back in the kitchen 🙂

    quick question. sometimes the recipes are geared for serving a lot of people. do you simply just halve the recipe if cooking for a smaller group, like, just two or one person?? how many people do you generally cook for, besides yourself?  I cook for myself (hubby makes his own meals) and if I have some extra I give to my family, but I have been working on my new years soup for the past week and a half! lol.


    • I will be halving the recipes for this project because my dad and I just can't eat this much food! Also, I plan my meals in a way where I can use leftover ingredients for a new thing. Like I made cookies today that have fresh rosemary so I'm going to make another dish tomorrow that uses rosemary. Have fun!


  5. I have a lot of the same cookbooks as you that have been collecting dust in my pantry.  I am so excited to see what recipes you will pick.  This is the motivation I need to start cooking better! Thanks!


  6. This is a great idea.  Everybody buys cook books with good intentions.  But ends up collecting dust instead.  Time to get them out and start using them. 


  7. Oooh, I love the Enlightened Kitchen! I also use Vegetarian Sushi quite a bit – my husband (who HATES sushi, according to him), now loves it. I still can't get him near avocado though….

    I love the Thrive Diet too, though I find the serving sizes and work involved a little more than I'm used to. Also, Gluten Free Vegan is a great one – the chocolate fudge is to DIE for 🙂


  8. love this post–it speaks to me…

    i need to put this on my resolution list–i have beautiful cookbooks–many that you have…i've been wanting to cook or un-cook (raw books) for sometime, but with time constraints (already spending 3+ hrs in kitchen whirling up green smoothies and juices) i tend to default to go-to recipes with zero learning curve…

    just gotta put it on my to-do list…

    thanks for the reminder : )


  9. This is wonderful idea, I can't wait to see the post from the recipes you cook. I only own 4 actually paper cookbooks and 5 ebooks. Which I haven't really made any recipes from the books yet.


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