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I can mark this off my bucket list!

Last weekend I finished my first sprint triathlon! My great friend Mia was training for a half Ironman and my boyfriend is a marathon runner, so I got it in my head that I could do something like that too. I asked them both to do it with me and they agreed! I knew it would be much easier if I knew I had friends by my side (Mia actually did the race with me, while my boyfriend went ahead of us, and waiting at the finish line for me). 

I started training in my own sort of way, nothing scheduled, no actual training plan was set. This was my first mistake. I should have trained more, but since I didn't care so much about my time or placement it wasn't that big of a deal. 

The most difficult thing about the race was the swim. I tried to swim at least once a week for training, but never had a chance to do an open outdoor swim. The water was so choppy. There wasn't that many people in my age group and I stayed toward the back. So I didn't run into people like I was scared of doing. But it was more challenging that I ever thought it would be. My time for the swim was 20:35, which was about the same as my training time. I'm quite happy with my swim time since I was choking water and having to look up a lot to make sure I was going toward the buoy and not running over people the whole time. 

I only rode a bike 7 times outside before race day. Thankfully my friend let me borrow her road bike that she never uses and it fit me well. I supplemented outdoor riding with indoor spinning classes at least once a week. I've been spinning almost 2 years. That practice was very helpful for race day because this race was almost all hills! It was hard. My time for the bike was 48:51, which was a little bit more than my training rides. 

I hate running, and was not looking forward to that last leg of the race. I ran maybe once or twice a week for training, but never got up to doing 3 miles straight through. And I had no idea how my legs were going to work after swimming and biking. But with Mia by my side I was able to push through it. Again lots of hills, so we walked up those and jogged the rest of the way. My time for the run was 40:04, which could have been way better. 

After the race we enjoyed a celebratory Zico Chocolate drink and went to Spiral Diner to chow on some food. I'm really happy that I did this, and want to do more in the future (with a better training plan). The moral of the story is, you can do a sprint triathlon too with very little training, along as you are in pretty good shape. I'm so glad I can mark this off my bucket list! 

What are some things on your bucket list? What have you recently marked off the list and how did you feel? 

Posted in My Blog on 09/27/2011 02:59 am


  1. CONGRATS on a BIG accomplishment !! 


  2. Yay YOU!  I'll bet you felt like a million bucks after the race. Nothing like it!


  3. Congratulations on your first triathlon! I agree that most active people can do a sprint, but remember that most people aren't active – what you did was still a great accomplishment. Will you do another? 🙂


    • Thank you! I can’t wait to do another! It’s getting into cold season so I may wait until Spring, but plan to continue my training and get better at each leg!


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