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Things on my mind lately


I'm sorry for not blogging more my friends! I'm planning this book tour and getting ready for the release of Blissful Bites, along with planning the Texas State Veggie Fair AND training for my first triathlon. So things are crazy! How are you doing?

First, I would like to share the good news with you that my dad had his blood work done a few weeks ago and he is no longer anemic! He got his hemoglobin in the healthy range all on plants. Take that doctors! He is also off his blood pressure medicine. He has been keeping with the vegan diet and I really hope he continues. Thanks for all your love and support during this time with my dad!

Second, I'm SO freaking excited to be going to Vida Vegan Con and traveling around the west coast for a few weeks. The miserable 42 straight days of 100+ degree weather is taking a toll on me! I can't wait to see all your beautiful vegan faces! For those of you on the west coast I hope to see you at one of my book signing events! Even if you aren't going to buy a book please come out and see me! I just love meeting new people, sharing stories, feeding you delicious food, and showing you my beautiful cookbook in person! 

Many things have been on my mind lately other than the exciting mentions above. Those kind of things that consume your thoughts and make you feel icky, and leave you feeling like is there anything you can do. Can you make a difference? I went to another Ringling Brothers Circus protest and had even more one on one conversations with parents, kids, and teenagers. I almost convinced 5 families not to purchase tickets, but they did anyways. This left me feeling defeated and really bummed that people will continue to support cruelty when they know it is wrong. Even when their gut tells them they shouldn't support this and they just go through with it because it's what everyone does. I would like to have higher hopes for humanity, but it's really hard when you are constantly surrounded by all the death, violence, and cruelty.

I had one women yell at me and another man get really angry, saying to not talk to his children, but overall I felt like my tactics of starting conversations with people was the best way to get them the information they needed to halt them from purchasing a ticket next year. But this circus has been going on for 200 years!!! We keep protesting and we hope that next year will be the year that the circus stops and it doesn't. But I do remain hopeful. We will see change in our lifetime. I chatted with many teens and gave them a wonderful "you are the future" talk. Many said they had no idea about the cruelty behind the curtain and they would tell their friends. We must influence and educate young people because they are the future. The choices they make will determine if circuses, factory farms, animal testing, etc. will continue.

Another thing that has really been bothering me is witnessing vegans supporting businesses that are corrupt, mistreat people and their employees, are just out to make a quick buck, and in general are not aligned with their values. I know that I am far from perfect. But I do the best I can with what I've got. If I can make the choice, I'm going to support businesses that are aligned with my values. If I am made aware of some shady business practices that I don't agree with then I'm not going to support that business just because everyone else does. I can thank my punk rock friend Jade for making this clear for me. Your choices do matter, and where you put your money shows the kind of things, businesses and people you support. And that is a direct reflection of yourself.  

So my friends, has anything been consuming your thoughts lately? Do you feel it's important to support businesses that are aligned with your values?
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  1. Kudos to you for getting out there and letting people know what goes on behind the scenes. It takes a lot of guts to walk up to people who may yell at you, and even though those people bought tickets that day, who knows what seed you planted that will lead them to awareness later on. Keep your spirits up!

    Hoping to meet you at Vida Vegan Con!


    • Thanks Susan! I know we planted a lot of seeds during the protests 🙂 We will most def meet at VVC and get to hangout I hope! 


  2. Hi Christy,

    I know it is so hard to feel positive at times when we are surrounded by so much cruelty. I can imagine it is very sad when you have spoken to people about what goes on and they still enter the circus, however, I am sure that they would have had your words in mind and maybe, just maybe, they will rethink a visit next time they come to town. By the sounds of it you have some fantastic like minded friends who you can debrief with when you feel the pain. Apart from Seb, I have no-one geographically close to me. Hmmm…. Must start a meet up!

    What's getting my goat right now?? Sigh…. As you know, I have just moved to Indonesia and as you probably know there was a big expose about the live export of Australian cows to Indonesia. It was very powerful and a huge and successful campaign stopped the live export from Australia. Great news for the Australian cows I guess… Well, if you can call certain, premature less terrifying death great news. One interesting stat that came out through the whole event is that only 4 slaughterhouses in the whole of Indonesia have stun guns. Only 4…. That means that nearly all meat doesn't even get close to humanely slaughtered. I just want to scream it from the roof tops every time I see anyone eating meat because even those people who believe that animals are OK to eat do not think that they should be slaughtered inhumanely.  I am sure I will have the opportunity to bring this up. I guess I am new here, and I need to be a bit cautious at first. Even telling a few people I was vegan got a few raised eyebrows.

    A big vent there…

    On the positive side, look at you and your dad (BTW: yay dad!). If he sticks with the vegan thing, he will have got healthier and you have saved a whole stack of animals' lives. I am sure you have inspired others to cut down or eliminate their meat consumption. That's great.






  3. I know it's so hard, especially in other countries where there isn't a plant-based/vegan movement 🙁 I'm sure there are people there you just gotta find them! And yes it is SO exciting that my dad is sticking with it!


  4. "Another thing that has really been bothering me is witnessing vegans supporting businesses that are corrupt, mistreat people and their employees, are just out to make a quick buck, and in general are not aligned with their values. "

    I sometimes think the same thing. I am not a vegan, I'm vegetarian, but I do think about food, clothing and other 'stuff' before I buy it. I think a business should treat humans AND animals correctly before I buy something from them. Though, it isn't always possible to know this for sure.. 

    But on the other hand, I often think that if everyone does her/his own little effort, the world would already look a bit brighter.


    • Thanks Sarah! It's not just a vegan issue or about stuff, it could be political or whatever; hopefully everyone wants to live by their values. Unfortunately not every business is transparent, but we do the best we can 🙂 I see a lot of people who don't even try, that just don't care and that breaks my heart. 


  5. "If I can make the choice, I'm going to support businesses that are aligned with my values." <– Absolutely. That's why it's such a blessing to live in L.A., where I have a choice of what, 25 vegan restaurants? (Not so hot on all-vegan grocers, however.) It's why use a mobile company that won't release customer records without a court order or subpoena. It's why I shop at Goodwill instead of Salvation Army because SA has very homophobic policies. I don't have a choice about so many things – why not make the effort when I can??


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