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What I Learned Away From The World at Camp

Going to the French Meadows camp in Northern California every year gives me a chance to reset, get back to nature, breathe fresh air, see old friends, learn something new, eat clean food, and this year teach a lecture and give a cooking demo. Camp is truly a life-changing experience every time I go. I get to be a true expression of myself and be surrounded by like-minded individuals on their own quests for health and happiness. If you ever have a chance to go to French Meadows I hope you will!

I learned and relearned a few things during this short trip away from the "real" world. (it's hard to see the little person in top right looking over the horizon in this photo taken at camp)

I'm a good teacher

I had the opportunity to give a lecture about how to make a healthy lifestyle work in your everyday life. Before my lecture I got a pep talk from my friend and amazing speaker, Mary Lore, because I get pretty nervous in these situations. She called me the future generation of teachers, no pressure!! I asked her to come to my class and give me helpful criticism after to help me grow as a speaker. She had really good things to say. Then another teacher who attended the class came up to me and told me how much she enjoyed it. Then I had some of the younger people at camp say they were very inspired by my talk. I was thrilled and realized that no matter how nervous I get I have a lot to share with the world. 

I create my reality

Mary always teaches a class about how our thoughts create our reality. If you have negative thoughts that aren't working for you, that is what will continue to show up in your life. You must create new thoughts and fall out of old patterns. Our old thoughts come to us so quickly from our brains that it really takes awareness to stop, recognize the old thoughts, then make a conscious choice to create a new thought. This happens with everything in our life! I used to be terrified of speaking in front of others, but I'm not anymore. But right before my class I started getting a little anxious about it. I had to breathe, pause and remind myself that I know my stuff and have no problem giving a lecture. 

These old thought patterns also occur with people in your life and past situations, even music and locations. You encounter something, then the brain searches through the old memories to bring back what you did, said, or how you reacted in that similar previous situation. So you really have to be present and self-aware to be able to stop and change your thoughts to something new that will work better for you.

I want happiness and love in my life

Camp is totally one of those feel good times where you see old friends who love you no matter what and know your true self. It reminds me how much I am loved and it reminds me to have loving thoughts instead of negative thoughts. We reap what we sow, so if you have negative people in your life and think negative thoughts that is what is manifested in your life. When you have thoughts of happiness and joy that is what shows up around you. I want to give people the benefit of the doubt, understand that everyone is trying the best that they can, and believe that goodness exists in everyone. So that is my new policy. 

Did you learn any big lessons this month? 

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  1. I really love this post. It made me feel calm and relaxed even though I didn't get to go to camp! I've made a point to try to let go of the negative people and thoughts in my life over the past year or so and you're right, it has positively affected everything from my mental state to my physical health. It's not an easy change to make but it's very important.


    • Yay awesome! It’s not easy and sometimes people get hurt when you try to do positive things in your life. But you have to take care of yourself first always.


  2. The camp sounds wonderful! It is so nice to get away sometimes and just have a minute to re-evaluate life, and gather thoughts, think of the self improvement you want to work on, and have a breatherr from the "real world". I really try to do the same thing, in giving people the benefit and seeing good in all  even when we have very different views on things. Because the gentle,, loving approach is the best IMO.

    You ARE a great teacher and have so much to share and offer! I love that you are conquering your fears of those situations that made you nervous so that you can share your talents with the world! Keep doing all the wonderful things you are doing!  *hugs*


  3. A really lovely reflection. Thank you for sharing, it caused me to stop and consider the lessons of the last few months in my own life.



  4. This sounds like a great camp, and a great way to refocus. Thanks for sharing.


  5. And what a great policy to have/follow! Lately I've been reading so many things about positive thoughts and even writing about it myself because I believe it to be true. I've been so much happier since I've started thinking positively. This camp sounds amazing and I would have loved to participate and listen to your presentation. Isn't it funny how we worry so much about things that end up turning out even better than we could expect? 


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