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Weekend in Austin


Hi Everyone!! Long time no see. I took a bit of a internet hiatus while I was in Austin this weekend. It was really nice actually! I'm starting to feel like I spend way too much time on social media. I know it's important for building my brand and I love connecting with people, but I need to find a good balance. Have you found it yet? 

This weekend my boyfriend and I went to Austin and had a blast! We stayed in a cute bed and breakfast that was peaceful and had a massage chair in the room! Yes I took advantage of that a couple of times a day. We ate and ate and ate. I fell off the no-soy, no-gluten, no-sugar cleanse even though I had intentions of at least doing no-sugar all weekend. But how could I resist vegan soft serve??

Here's what we ate in photos. 

We stopped by the Vegan Yacht trailer to try their vegan goodies on Saturday afternoon. I went for the healthiest gluten-free thing on the menu, the Garden Chalupa. J went with the least healthy thing on the menu, the Frito Burrito. Both were delicious, though not very filling by themselves. More like a snack. So I had a veggie taco with pineapple from Pueblo Viejo, another trailer in the same park. That was one tasty taco! And their salsa was to live for! 

After lunch we hit up Barton Springs for a quick dip in the pool and headed to grab some frozen banana treats from Bananarchy. It's the perfect thing to have on a hot summer day. Frozen bananas dipped in vegan chocolate and covered in a topping of your choice. I went for a half with cinnamon, J went with a whole with peanuts. His tasted just like those Drumstick cones we ate as a child!

For dinner we got a special invite to an underground vegan supper club called Hyden Park (that's like hidden, it's in Hyde Park, play on words). Turns out my friend Elizabeth who went to culinary school after me started this last month and of course they have become a big hit and the talk of the town with the vegans. The food was out of this world!!! All whole foods, no-sugar, no-gluten, organic, and seasonal. Just the way I like it! 😉

We also hit up my favorite place in town Bouldin Creek Coffeehouse for breakfast, had Indian food for dinner at New India Cuisine, then Kerby Lane for breakfast our last day, and hit up Whole Foods salad and juice bar on the way out of town. It was SO much fun. I love Austin more than words can describe and it was great to share it with J and see new and old friends. I hope to spend more time there in the future. We still have more places to eat! 

Oh and how could I forget the vegan coconut based soft serve at Toy Joy. Oh how I wish every city had this ice cream! J went with the cone and I went with a chai shake made with the soft serve. Just take a look at the menu and you will be hoping on the next plane to Austin. Root Beer Float and vegan bubble tea? Yes please!

Have you been to Austin before? What is YOUR favorite place to eat?

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  1. I'm planning to visit Austin in September, and this post just got me even more excited than I already was! Vegan frozen bananas! Come on! Amazing.  Also, the secret vegan supper club meal looks delicious.  If you have any more Austin vegan rec's I'd love to hear them! Or just Austin fun rec's 😉


  2. I LOVE Austin! We go there every year! Vegan Yacht's Frito-Burrito is amazing! And Bouldin Creek has the best tofu scrambles! We're also fans of Jo's, Snack Bar (lots of vegan and GF options), Austin Java, and Daily Juice (the one kind of close to UT has a full food menu–all raw and vegan and sooooo freakin' good). There are so many places there I still need to try!


    • I've been to Snack Bar (actually did a video review of it) and I LUV Daily Juice too! I can't go to Austin though without eating at Bouldin Creek. I used to live there and it's so delish and cheap!


  3. I haven't been to Austin but I'm considering going to school there in a year. All your food looks so good! Frozen bananas are the bomb.com


  4. what a fabulous report. in addition to being a wonderful chef, you make a great tour guide too


  5. Mia Bissette

    There is SO much to explore and FIND in Austin!!  Thanks for pointing the way!!  I have GOT to get one of those bananas when I'm there AND yes, Bouldin Creek is a MUST.   I also like the mexican place called Vivo! on Manor.  I get these delicious puffed vegan avo tacos!!  OH!!  Now I want to get down there!!!  Nicely done Christy!!!


  6. Mia Bissette

    P.S.   that soft serve cone is MAHOOOSIVE!!!!


  7. I've been hearing so many great things about Austin lately, I'd love to go! So glad you got a chance to get some R and R – and who can blame you for indulging while on vacation – those pictures look delish!


    • Yeah being on vacation gave me an excuse to eat some yummy food that wasn't quite so healthy heh. You should totally go visit Austin whenever you can. It actual makes a great vacation spot for vegans because there is SO much food and also a great live music scene if you are into that!


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