SGS Cleanse (No soy, gluten, or sugar)

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Hey everybody! My cleanse is going great and I realized that other people might want to join along in the fun. So we've started a group support system on my Facebook fan page in the "Discussions" board. Feel free to join us and post what you are eating for meals, sharing recipes and links to recipes with everyone on the board. 

For those of you who may wonder what you can eat on this cleanse there's a lot! I find that most people have difficulty doing a super clean cleanse like doing all raw and SGS-free, and oil-free and processed-free. That would be the ideal cleanse, but for this cleanse I wanted to eliminate the major triggers of allergies while still getting to eat all I want. Sounds easy right? It is! Ideally though to get the best results from the SGS Cleanse you want to eliminate caffeine, all animal foods, and as much processed food as possible. SO get back to basics, good ole whole foods! 

What not to eat

Gluten: whole wheat bread or flour, other bread, barley, wheat gluten (seitan), package foods, store-bought dressings, etc. 

Soy: tempeh, tofu, miso, soy sauce, tamari, edamame

Sugar: anything with sugar, cane juice, sucanut, turbinado, powdered sugar, etc. 

What you CAN eat

All the fruits and vegetables you want, cooked or raw!

Whole grains like millet, quinoa, rice, teff, wild rice, amaranth, corn and flour products made from these grains.

Any bean you can think of but soybeans like red lentils, green lentils, black beans, chickpeas, white beans, kidney beans, etc. 

In very small amounts you can have some maple syrup, coconut palm, dates, and stevia

Have fun with it! Join us over on Facebook or feel free to post comments here about website resources, recipes, meal plans, ideas, and suggestions for everyone doing the cleanse! I'll be posting recipes I make all week so be sure to check back for those! Like the salad I made with fresh berries (pictured above) or the peach blueberry crisp I made last night!! 

You can DO it!!

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  • Lenna 21 / 06 / 2011 Reply

    Hi! This cleanse sounds pretty good. I am usually not doing cleanses, because I believe in eating clean and healthy all year long, but sometimes I feel like my body would benefit from an additional cleanse:) Good luck with yours!

    • Christy Morgan 22 / 06 / 2011 Reply

      Thanks Lenna! Yes I prefer to eat healthy all the time, but sugar seems to be in everything these days! I'm really enjoying this cleanse and seeing if it's possible to give up soy as a vegan 🙂

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