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CLOSED Review & Giveaway: Nasoya Super Hummus

I love when new vegan products hit the market, especially when they are available at a regular grocery store like Kroger! About 4 years ago the Kroger down the street starting carrying organic produce and made a little section for organic products and frozen vegan foods. Dreading coming home for the holidays every year I was so thrilled to discover this because the closest natural food store was 25 minutes away. Now when I came home I could get my almond milk and cereal and make all my own food. Now there's a Whole Foods about 15 minutes away so I go there for their amazing bulk section. 

Anyways, my dad loves hummus. I prefer to make it from scratch but I've been SO busy with cooking classes, planning the Texas State Veggie Fair, and cooking for dad on top of that. I spotted the Nasoya Super Hummus and thought I must give it a try and see what dad thought! 

First off, I usually don't like packaged hummus. More often than not it has too much garlic and salt and not enough lemon for me. I gave the Super Hummus a try and was pleasantly surprised that it didn't have a ton of garlic, just the right amount for me. It's made with non-GMO soybeans along with some chickpeas. It's smooth, not too salty, a lovely touch of spices and a nice blend of both beans. I'm not a fan that it has sugar in it though! 

The best thing about this product is it uses very little oil (it's the last ingredient on the one I bought) and has less fat that traditional hummus. It also has twice the protein. I actually compared the nutritional facts of a few popular hummus brands and it's true! I didn't try the Super Hummus Spinach flavor but a few Facebook friends have sung it's praises. 

This new product gets a thumbs up from me and is the perfect grab and go snack when I don't feel like making my own hummus! Nasoya's website also has some great recipes to try with their delicious products. 

3 lucky readers are going to win a free Nasoya product of their choice! Enter before Monday May 30th and the winners will be chosen at random and announced on Monday!

GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED!! Winners are Nicole, Mia, and Heather!! Congrats!

Here's what you gotta do to enter. You get an extra entry for each thing you do!

1. Tell us have you tried the Super Hummus before and what did you think? Or do you prefer to make your own?

2. Like Nasoya and The Blissful Chef on Facebook

3. Follow Nasoya and The Blissful Chef on Twitter

4. Retweet my giveaway on Twitter and/or Share it on Facebook

Don't forget to leave your email addy so I can contact you if you win! Please leave ONE COMMENT telling me how many entries you have. #1 is mandatory, the others optional. So if you do all you will have 4 entries total. 

Good luck!
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  1. Kelly OBrien

    I have never tried your hummus but I would love to.  I am a new vegan and hummus is helping 

    me through as I transition.  I would love to win a product of yours!!!

    My email address is


  2. Mia Bissette

    I have not tried Nasoya Super Hummus yet but your review makes me want to.  I do usually prefer to make my own in different flavors like roasted red pepper or chipotle olive!!  ~~ Mia


  3. I did all 4!

    I've heard about this hummus but haven't seen it yet.  Going to snap some up as soon as I do!


  4. I have not tried this hummus; my current favorite is Pita Pals Basil and Sundried Tomatoes.  I've only attempted making hummus once (same flavor) but was not very successful.  I have 3 entries, since I don't have Twitter. 


  5. Never tried this one, but it sure sounds good.  I make a very simple hummus at home that has just the right balance of flavors.


  6. I haven't tried the Super Hummus, but would love to give it a shot! I can never get my homemade hummus to taste as great as store bought, it is a work in progress!


  7. I typically make my own hummus, but this brand sounds intriguing!


  8. I like you on Facebook.


  9. I already follow you on Twitter.


  10. I like your pages on Facebook and your new hummus sounds yummy!


  11. I already "liked" Nasoya and now "liked" Blissful Chef too 🙂  I haven't yet tried the hummus 🙁 Only because I can't find it in stores around here! I live off of Nasoya Tofu Plus. Besides it's great nutritional value, I love the taste and texture. No other tofu compares!


  12. PurpleLarkspur

     I have not tried the Super Hummus before. Usually I make my own.

    I follow Nasoya and The Blissful Chef on Twitter. I am @purplelarkspur

    I retweeted the giveaway on Twitter


    (so I guess that is 1,3 and 4)


  13. I have never made my own hummus before…seen so many recipes but have never taken the time! I'm intrigued by the inclusion of soybeans…a little apprehensive even. But maybe I'll win so I can try it out 😀


  14. GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED!! Winners are Nicole, Mia, and Heather!! Congrats!


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