Cinco de Mayo is near!

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Being from Texas I love me some Mexican food, and used to drink Mexican martinis like they were going out of style (not any more!). I was wondering if I had any Mexican food recipes on my blog and took a quick glance over the Recipes page. Lo and behold there were quite a few dishes just right for Cinco de Mayo (go figure).  

6 (or 7) Layer Dip

Always a potluck and party favorite, you can not go wrong with this dip! Make a huge batch because it will go fast. Check out the step-by-step tutorial on how to make this bad boy. 

Magical Raw Tacos

Like a reader suggested if you throw some cumin and/or chili powder in the red pepper sauce you got yourself some Magical Mexican Tacos

Macro Enchiladas with Mole Sauce

This mole sauce is delish and has no oil! But if you put the Daiya cheese on top then you've got some oil and it happens to taste really good with it. Or you can smother it in my No-oil Cheeze Sauce

Here are some other recipes from my fave chefs and bloggers that look amazing!

Ancho Lentil Tacos from Isa at the PPK

Mexican Lasagna from Susan at Fat-free Vegan

Fiesta Jalapeno Carrot Soup by Kathy at Happy Healthy Life

More delicious recipes from Kathy at Happy Healthy Life

Many delish recipes from Morgan at Little House of Veggies

Mexican Pizza w/ Homemade Seitan Chorizo from Leinana at Vegan Good Things

Tempeh Tacos from Miso Vegan

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