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Guest Post: FEED Your Purpose

FEED Your Purpose

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by Bridgette Kossor

Well, here we are at the end of another year, thinking of all the things we said we would and wouldn’t do as the year began, and how we are going to change that next year. There is nothing wrong with setting goals and learning through our successes and failed attempts; they are all valuable to life. We experience balance by completing some of our quests and not quite making it to the finish line with others. Here is an idea, one that I’m sure has crossed your mind from time to time: stop making resolutions and goals out of lack or guilt. Try something different.

FEED Your Purpose. What the heck does this mean? Take my goals and resolutions out to a nice dinner? Not quite. First, this requires having some clue about yourself and what your life purpose could be. Some people are very aware of their purpose while others don’t even know they could have one. Having a core reason from deep inside you, will take you very far when you set goals and take action. When you take action based on what you don’t have or don’t want, inevitably, you end up with more of the very same. For example, you want to lose weight. What is motivating you to want to lose weight? A few examples might be: not feeling good about yourself where you are, wanting to improve your health, wanting to look good, having a doctor advise weight loss, being afraid of losing someone you love if you don’t… and the list goes on. Perhaps you have noticed that most people who lose weight, gain it back again and again. Instead of focusing on the weight loss, perhaps you can try going a bit deeper inside. If you are feeding that person inside who has dreams and the passion to create them, chances are that you will lose weight without even trying. Who you are on the outside will shift to match who you are on the inside. Sounds a bit wacky, doesn’t it? It works.

So FEED: Food, Experience, Energy, Direction. Everything that comes into your body, mind and spirit is Food. Then you have an Experience of that Food. (and the kind of Food influences your experience) From your Experience, you have Energy created. That Energy will then point you toward a Direction, or at least help you to expand your choices for a Direction. So, what you eat, think, do and create are all types of Food. Relationships, jobs, hobbies, prayer, meditation, jogging, eating… all Food. When you eat a doughnut or a bowl or rice, you have an experience, which gives you a certain level of energy which leads you in a direction. Most likely, they are going to be very different given the two types of food you are ingesting. You get to choose how you want to feel and what supports the life you really want. It really is simple. The challenge is navigating through all the “stuff” that isn’t really yours to begin with! Connect to what is true and joyful for you, inside. Then, you can choose how to feed it, simply and lovingly.

Happy New Year!

Bridgette Kossor teaches the FEED Your Purpose Program in St. Louis, MO. For more information, please visit the website or call 314-920-6110.
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