Happy New Year!! Bye bye 2010!

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I can't believe this year is over! It felt like a productive year filled with many great memories. I have a good feeling that 2011 is going to be even better! New opportunities keep showing up at my doorstep already! Here's my most memorable moments from 2010.

1. The Taste of Health cruise was one of my favorite events of 2010. I had so much fun with old friends and new, learned some new things and refreshed some old knowledge, ate some tasty food, and had some great beach time! (photo: Ed and Amanda Smith from The Vegan Voice, me, Gabrielle and Erin)


2. I took a big step and rented a space to have my cooking classes every weekend. Teaching others how to make nourishing delicious food is my passion! It was so much fun to meet new faces and help people turn their health around and dispel the myth that vegan food is bland or boring!

3. The PCRM Gala was a super awesome event of the year. I was very blessed that Ed and Mandy Smith invited me to go with them. I got a pretty new dress, had a delicious meal, heard new music, hungout with good friends, and best of all supported this amazing organization. The day after brunch was awesome too because I got to meet one of my favorite people, Congressman Dennis Kucinich.




4. In May for my birthday I went to a beautiful Buddhist temple and as we pulled up we saw the most beautiful rainbow ever! It was hanging in the sky and I had never seen anything like it before. Then that night I went to a Lindy Hop dancing night with friends. It was a blast!





5. In June, I got my book deal with BenBella Books! This was my greatest accomplishment of the year because I had been working on this cookbook for a couple of years and it was finally ready to go out to the world. Release date was set for June of 2011 but had to be pushed back to give enough time to design a full color over 100 photographs book. Can't wait to share it with you, it's a beauty!

6. I got to participate in an event in August that was amazing, I was a bridesmaid in my best friends wedding. I had never been a bridesmaid before! Susanne's wedding was the most beautiful, creative, heart-warming, and the most fun wedding I had ever been too! I felt so honored to be part of her special day.

7. My most memorable experience was of course going to Asia to travel for 3 months. It was life-changing!! My favorite country was Malaysia, and my favorite one experience was the Vegetarian Festival in Phuket. Check out my previous "Travel logs" for more details on my trip.




I think this might have been my best year ever!! I know 2011 is going to be even more special. I'll be in Thailand for the first part of the year working on a Southeast Asia cookbook with a chef there, my cookbook comes out in September, and who knows what else is in store. I hope I find true love!


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  • JL goes Vegan 31 / 12 / 2010 Reply

    What a phenomenal year for you! And it sounds like 2011 holds even more (how great that you're going to Thailand … love how you do not let the dust settle!)  Happy New Year!

  • Christy 02 / 01 / 2011 Reply

    It was so awesome JL! I have a good feeling that 2011 is going to be great and a learning experience just like 2010.

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