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Kittie Love

Since I'm going to Asia I decided to sell most of my belongings and put some things in storage for the month of August. This way I can save money and get my deposit back for more cash to have on my trip. But this meant being homeless for a month. Everything worked out, the Universe always provides. Turns out my one friend was going to Columbia and needed a cat-sitter, then another friend came to San Diego for a conference so I went down to visit him and stay in his beautiful hotel room on the bay. Then my best friend went on her honeymoon and needed a cat-sitter and now my friend Jessica Porter is going to Japan and needed a cat-sitter. So not only did I have places to stay this whole month I got to be surrounded by many lovely kitties!! I haven't been able to have any animals of my own, so I'm very happy that I get to spend time with my friends' cats and snuggle with them everyday.

Personally, I love when people post photos of their animals in their blogs, so today I dedicate this post to all the cutie kitties I've been cat-sitting over the month. They have made living out of a suitcase with no home all worth it!

2 for 1 – Camille and Theo

Pretty vegetarian Annie

Friendly, snuggling, travel companion George
Posted in My Blog on 08/20/2010 02:08 am


  1. These cats are all gorgeous! Annie is veg. That's great. I had two cats that were vegan. Both females as well. They lived to 16 and about 25.


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