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Interview & Giveaway: Ani’s Raw Food Essentials

This may be my best giveaway yet! My friend Ani Phyo sat down with me after her delicious raw food demo and book signing at Erewhon last month. Her talk and demo was amazing, as well as the strawberry cream pie we sampled! We talked about her philosophy of food and her favorite recipes from her new cookbook Ani’s Raw Food Essentials.

One lucky reader is going to win a copy of Ani’s new book Ani’s Raw Food Essentials. This book is the best beginner and intermediate raw food cookbook I’ve ever seen! All you have to do is follow the rules below.


To enter the giveaway here are the rules:

1. You must live in the United States. No PO Boxes.

2. Please subscribe to my blog and enter your email address so I can contact you if you win.

3. Tell us, do you have one of Ani’s cookbooks already and why would you benefit from having this new book?

Extra Credit

4. Like my Facebook page

5. Follow me on Twitter and Retweet about this giveaway (@TheBlissfulChef)

6. Like Ani Phyo’s page on Facebook

7. Follow Ani on Twitter @AniPhyo

Hint: Be sure to leave one comment telling me how many things you did from the list (for example say in ONE comment that you have 3-7 entries, the first 3 are required. If you already do the extra credit you can count those in your total, so you would then have 7 entries if you did everything).

A winner will be chosen next Friday, June 18th. Good luck!
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  1. I’ve been trying to win this book all over!!!!! I live in the US, I subscribe to your blog, I have both of Ani’s books and LOVE HER! I would benefit from this book because her recipes are always simple and easy, and expecting a child, I need simple and easy! 😉 I like you on Facebook, I follow you on Twitter: @LaurenGinger, Retweeted, I already like Ani on FB and I already follow her. Phew, that’s 7 entries! 🙂


  2. 7 entries.


  3. I don’t have one of her books already which sounds like a great reason to get this one 😀

    I have followed you both on Twitter (@mmmeg) and retweeted about the giveaway. So that’s 5 right? Sorry, no Facebook — deleted my account last month.


  4. Dennis Paulsen

    I do NOT currently own one of Ani’s cookbooks, but will be checking them out this evening. I became vegan last December (12/14) and am working more and more raw foods into my diet. I just bought a Vitamix and am looking forward to making green smoothies a big part of my daily nutrition and think too that one of Ani’s books would be a big help to me. Thanks! Dennis


  5. I have Ani’s first book, which was also my first-ever uncookbook, and I like it very much. I really want to get this new book of Ani’s, firstly just because I like the first one so much, I’m sure I’ll enjoy and use the new one. Also, I’ve heard her in interviews describing the book. She explains the way she created it to help people learn the process of developing their own recipes. I tend to cling to recipes, though since I began eating more raw, I have been a little braver at making substitutions. I love the simplicity of her recipes, and the general feeling of ease I get when using and following them. So, bottom line: I hope I win!


  6. Oops, I apologize! I’m so used to everyone else wanting a separate comment for each entry that I just forged ahead. I don’t see a way to delete or edit my comments, or I would fix it. Anyhoo, yes, as you see in my other 2 comments (sheepish face) I do have one of her other books and I do want this new one very much for reasons described. I follow you on Twitter, and I retweeted your giveaway. I live in the US, and I now subscribe to your blog. I already like Ani’s FB page and I already follow her on Twitter.

    AND, now I like your FB page also. If I wasn’t living many hundreds of miles away from you (down in the deep South) I would love to be one of your volunteers. I love that you are working to help the stray kitties! Thanks for providing this opportunity..

    Grand total of 7 entries!


  7. I have been a vegan for quite some time now and have toyed with the idea of eating raw. I have looked into raw cooking, which means that I have visited Ani’s website and have been very impressed. I don’t have any of her books. This seems like a good book for me to have to start my raw food eating!

    I live in the US, already subscribe to your site (love it!) and my reasons are stated above, for desperately loving to have this book, I already “like” your FB page and have now “like”d Ani’s as well (found two)!

    That means a grand total of 5 entries!!!

    Hope, wish, hope, wish…


  8. I don’t have any of her cookbooks yet and am a complete raw food newbie. I would LOVE to win the book so I can learn to incorporate more raw food into my diet! Looks like a beautiful book, and I love that it gets your stamp of approval. I did all of the extra credit! Pick me!


  9. I don’t own any of Ani’s cookbooks… I do have it on request at the library, however, it’s gonna be awhile because there was a list of at least 20 people ahead of me!!! So, in the meantime I checked out “Entertaining in the Raw”… a beautiful book… but I really just want some simple raw food recipes… because when I think RAW, I think simplicity… back to basics in how food is meant to be. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE this cookbook because I have been so interested in raw foods… we eat a raw food with most of our meals, but I would love to start incorporating at least one whole raw meal (day?) into our week.

    I’m searching high and low for those kelp noodles… I’m so ready to make some “Blissful Raw Pasta with Almond Sauce” 😉

    Ok… so… of course, I’m your fan on facebook amongst others 🙂 That’ll give me 5… still no twitter. (Also, going to share the link to the giveaway 🙂 )

    Thanks so much for doing this giveaway!!


  10. i do not have any of Ani’s books yet but would certainly love one because I cook for my family everyday (while I’m at home for the summer) and would love some healthy new ideas! I also would love to make delicious recipes for my college roommates and hopefully inspire them to eat more raw foods + healthy foods =) (you know how them college folk eat…… food all the time haha)


  11. I don’t have any of Ani’s books but was just going to buy one, but when I saw her new book was ready thats the one I wanted for sure. I’m already a fan of hers and follow her, I’m a fan of yours now also. I subscribe to your site and live in the U.S. and reposted this also. So I think that makes 5 total!


  12. 3 entries. I don’t have any raw cookbook, but would LOVE to have a great starter one. I am always looking for ideas online…


  13. 5 entries. I don’t have any of Ani’s cookbooks and would love to win one!! I am trying to get as healthy as I can eating a whole foods diet and love making new recipes for friends and family. This book would definitely be put to use especially since we are trying to start a family soon. Thanks for this opportunity!!!!


  14. 7 entries! I would like the new book so that I can create some of the recipes with my Mother – who is interested in this lifestyle but not thoroughly convinced things can taste good AND be good for you! It would be a great opportunity for me to learn more and also help her learn more while spending some quality time together before I leave to go overseas. Thanks! :o)


  15. I live in the US

    I subscribe, my contact email is different then the one I subscribe w/ easyecotogo @ gmail . com

    I don’t have any of her books but I really want this to be the first! I’ve heard a lot about on the blogosphere lately about how easy the recipes are and that she has especially great entree recipes which is what i really need help with

    I’m a blissful chef fan on FB & twitter

    I follow Ani on twitter and am a fan on FB

    Got my 7!


  16. Hi. I would love to win Ani’s book as I do not have any of her books and would love this to be my first raw cookbook. I live in the US and I am on your FB and Twitter ranks. I have signed up for Ani’s page and Twitter.

    Thank you!!


  17. I don’t have any of Ani’s cookbooks yet, but when I first started eating more raw (about 4 years ago), her’s was one of the ones I borrowed from my library. I’ve been almost all raw for 18 months now, & I’m living on fruit & salads – I really need some new recipes to perk up my diet occasionally! (I’ve got 7 entries.)


  18. margaret meyer

    Love your blog already subscribed to it, like Ani and yourself on facebook and following you on twitter.

    I have Ani’s first cookbook and would love more books by her. I find her recipes easy and I need quick and easy since I still cook vegan for my husband and children. I have Fibromyalgia and find raw foods help me so much!!!

    Thank you for such a wonderful blog!!



  19. I have done ALL 7 entries. 🙂

    I love love love your blog, it comes straight to my phone and I grab a computer ASAP to read everything you have to say and all your knowledge on raw and vegan eating.

    I would LOVE to have a raw, especially a raw essentials cookbook because right now the only raw recipes I know are ones from blogs and recipes I make up. I highly enjoy eating raw and eating vegan, so much so that I feel guilty when I add cheese to something or eat dairy ice cream (some habits are harder than others), but my lack of recipe knowledge seems to have stunted my progress. However, this week I make raw lemon bars vegan black bean brownies and vegan ice cream. All were a huge hit with my roommates, I know I could work more vegan and raw meals into my friends diets if I had a cookbook.

    Having a copy of her cookbook would allow me to gain confidence and more education on raw food eating. My hesitation so far has lead me to make food that I am comfortable with, the foods I grew up on. Living on my minimal college student budget I don’t have the money to go buy quality cookbooks and I’ve actually checked out one vegan cookbook from my town’s library. But having my own copy would be AMAZING!

    Please please please pick me!


  20. Lisa Rogers

    I have done all 7 things! I have “Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen” and absolutely love it!! I could really use this book because I am a new mom of a 4 month old baby girl and nutritious food is an absolute must for me. The book by Ani that I already have is so helpful and the recipes are so delicious and easy, I know that this one would also be a big help to me!! Also I have recently moves in with my parents so my mom can help with the baby and I can help her take care of my father, who has alzheimers. My parents follow a traditional SAD and I know having Ani’s cookbook would help me to prepare meals that would show them that not only is a raw vegan diet delicious, but that it will help their health tremendously! 🙂


  21. Hi Christy, I’d love to win Ani’s new book because I don’t currently own any. I’ve enjoyed some of the recipes from her earlier book, Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen. It would be great to prepare more raw foods this summer, and I’m definitely a beginner in this method. I have seven entries (tweeted ‘n’ all)!


  22. I don’t have any of her books and would love to get it because I’m starting to eat less processed food now. I’m in need for some ideas to prepare in my kitchen!!

    I subscribed to your blog, to your twitter and facebook. In total I did 4 things!


  23. I’m in the US with a real address, I’m already an email subscriber, and no I do not have one of Ani Phyo’s books yet. I would LOVE one because I have tried a recipe of hers that was pretty great and I hear she has many more great recipes.

    Thanks for doing this!


  24. eek! I didn’t read your directions in entirety before I submitted my first entry! So sorry! I also fanned you on FB and was already a fan of Ani’s on FB. That’s 2 more entries for me. Sorry about that!


  25. I subscribed and I live in the US. I don’t have any of Ani’s cookbooks, but I’m always interested in them! I look at them when i go to Barnes and Noble and want it!


  26. I’m trying to convert from vegan to mostly raw vegan… I’m in need of a good raw cookbook to help me with the transition 🙂


  27. cool – i subscribed!

    i don’t have any of her books but have been interested in them ever since eating a higher raw diet.


  28. 1. Check!

    2. Done!

    3. I have both of Ani’s other books, and I MUST have this one! Ani’s one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to exploring raw foods.

    4. Done

    6. Done



  29. I come here everyday for fresh advice =]


  30. Ani rocks! And so do her desserts! Num x’s 3!


  31. Subscribed, live in the U.S., and the extra credit? Already had all 4 done. I have no Ani books yet, but I have been reading about Raw Food Essentials and would love to have it! I’ve been trying to eat more raw foods and less processed foods (I’m already vegan). I’m crossing my fingers and hoping this book will be mine!


  32. I met Ani in San Francisco at a “dessert soiree” put on by Veg News Magazine (she was promoting her dessert book). I love her recipes and she is even more beautiful in person than in pictures!


  33. ahoy!

    thank you so much for the opportunity to win such a lovely gift. i satisfied (or actively satisfy – US address) all the particulars one through seven, with number three being the following:

    i live in southern california but hail from the midwest. there is so much year round bounty here it blows my mind. i dont want to leave this place without figuring out how best to enjoy it (what do i do with all these avocados?!). i have been vegan for quite awhile, and a vegetarian since one fateful middle school research project. i went raw yesterday.

    in preparation for the switch, i sat crosslegged in the aisle of my local food coop and took notes from anis cookbook (my not-for-profit paycheck just doesnt cut it). despite the notes ive taken and the websites ive visited, ive been eating apples and drinking kombucha. that will not suffice! i realize what i lack is an understanding of the fundamental building blocks of a permanent raw diet. i dont have a good grip on the essentials – the raw essentials! anis book would certainly help me garner that vital information.




  34. 3 entries:

    1. done!

    2. done!

    3. I have her dessert book and would love to have her new one so I can try more


  35. I’m vegan and currently dabbling in gluten free, but I’d love to incorporate raw food into the mix. Ani is a raw food guru and I don’t even know where to begin looking for information other than online (which has helped, but its a lot of the same comments over and over)… I could learn a lot from this book!

    Like’d you on facebook, like’d Ani on FB, following Ani on twitter.


  36. usa baby!


    have Ani’s desserts book and raw food kitchen… learning to love raw foods and incorporating more fresh foods into my diet daily… hoping her book will help

    make the transition easier and get the creative juices flowing.

    Follow & Like Blissful Cheff!!

    Follow & Like Ani!!

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway opp! 🙂


  37. I don’t own any of Ani’s books but would like to have this one because I’d like to start adding more raw foods to my diet. I have 5 entries.


  38. So many wonderful comments and entries! With all your extra credit we had over 150 entries and the random winner is Kylie Wolf!

    Thanks everyone for entering!


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