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For my new mommies: Baby Bottle Review

The problem with glass bottles is pretty obvious — drop one on the floor in the middle of a late-night feeding and you’ll have a roomful of shattered glass to clean up. Glass is also heavy and cumbersome. Adding a glass bottle full of milk will add quite a bit more weight to that diaper bag, not something I am a big fan of since my goal is to make it as light as possible. On the upside, glass bottles are free of known harmful chemicals including bisphenol-A (BPA), phthalates, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). But don’t throw all the plastic bottles out the window! Many new plastic bottles also come free of BPA and PVC. Making them easy and safe for everything from diaper bag travel to late night feedings. (Never assume that a plastic bottle is free of these chemicals, always check their labels) In my opinion there are pros and cons on both sides of the glass vs. plastic bottle argument. But what might though glass over the line is that glass is a low impact raw materials and therefore they leave smaller footprint.

Lifefactory glass bottles are covered in a silicone sleeve for added grip and protection. The sleeves come in great fun colors kike fushia, sage, and baby blue. Both bottles and silicone sleeves are completely nontoxic, dishwasher save and can be boiled (to be sanitized). They come in two sizes 4 oz and 9 oz. And may I ask what child is drinking 9 oz in one sitting? Is there really a need for a 9 oz bottle? Really? That’s a lot of milk for a little one with a stomach the size of their fist. Okay, okay, so getting back on topic…I do think that these bottles are a bit pricey ($12.95-15.95) especially since they do not come with interchangeable nipples for different flow needs (extra nipples are sold separately, $4.95 each), but they are stylish and hip. I am not going to lie, look cool being whipped out at the mommy and me group.

Another favorite in the glass category is Born Free glass bottles. Unlike their plastic counterparts, the glass bottles don’t turn color (the Born Free plastic bottles -when boiled -turn a slight brown color. This is not dangerous, just plain ugly). Like the LifeFactory bottles, these also come with a silicone sleeve (although not as cool looking) and can be used with interchangeable nipples. All Born Free products are 100% free of BPA, Phthalates and PVC. ($25.95 for two 9 oz glass bottles with sleeves kit)

What is my favorite plastic bottle? Hands down it is the Breastflow bottles form The First Years . I would have to say they are my favorite in the plastic or glass category. They are BPA-free bottles that look and function just like the breast. And like breastfeeding, their design is the only bottle that requires both suction and compression, thus allowing switching between breast and bottle easy. My daughter is completely, except for about once a day when my husband will feed her from a bottle so I can get some extra sleep. Our lactation consultant recommended these bottles to us when Avery was only 2 weeks old and she took to them right away. The duel nipple design makes it so she has to work for the milk, unlike most nipples that tend to stream milk down the baby’s throat, and control the flow. Plus they are light weight, compact, and super easy to clean thanks to their wide opening and stocky body. ($6.45 for a 5oz bottle)

Happy feeding!

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  1. Not a bad idea for storing pumped breast milk.


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