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Cooking With The Seasons: Summer Edition

With the official start of summer just around the corner, it’s time to pre-order your Summer Edition of The Blissful Chef: Cooking With The Seasons! Learn how to nourish yourself throughout the hot summer months and what will keep you cool as a cucumber.

You’ll find 16 delicious warm weather recipes including 2 appetizers, 2 soups, 3 salads, 2 grains, 2 vegetable dishes, 2 proteins, 1 sea vegetable, and 2 desserts. Also, includes a beautiful chart showing which foods and cooking methods nourish our Summer element.

If you enjoyed the Spring Edition, you’ll be in love with these Summery dishes! All for only $4.99 pre-order special price! Cookbook will be emailed to you on Monday June 28th!
Posted in My Blog on 06/17/2010 05:22 am


  1. I’m having trouble with the link. Anyone else having issues?


  2. I think I fixed it. Try again and thanks so much for purchasing 🙂


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