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The Little Green Things

I’m often surprised by peoples’ reactions when they see me whip out my bamboo utensil set or glass food storage containers. Their eyebrows raise and head tilts a little to the side. They either think I’m a weirdo or it plants a seed in their mind that they could probably do these little green things too. I wanted to share with you all the little “green” environmentally awesome things I do in my life and around my house. In my opinion, the more little (and big) things we can do in our daily lives, the greater impact we can have globally. And almost every single thing on this list is doable for anyone, anywhere. Sure I’m not perfect, but I go out of my way to do my part in lessening my impact on the planet. See how many things you can try this week!

Bedroom/Living Room

* Use fan instead of A/C in summer

* Use piles of blankets and wear layers in winter instead of plug-in heater

* Unplug things when not in use

* Reuse paper for the printer, buy only recycled paper

* Line dry my clothes

* Turn off lights when not in the room

* Starting herb garden on my patio

* Use CFL’s


* Preserve razor w/ refillable razor

* Solar-powered toothbrush from Soladey

* Using bulk shampoo or conditioner

* Using natural skin-care products

* If it’s yellow leave it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down policy


* Stainless Steel, Cast-iron, Glass cookware (no Teflon)

* Glass storage containers

* Buying organic, local, seasonal whenever possible

* Reuse glass jars to hold grains, nuts, beans, spices, etc.

* Buying in bulk whenever possible

* Not buying things in cans whenever possible

* Using Green Bags to keep produce fresh and reduce waste (they REALLY work!)

* Using bag dryer to reuse every bag possible

* Recycling

* Buying cleaning supplies in bulk (like Simple Green)

* Hand towels over paper towels

* Water filtration system hooked to sink

When Out and About

* Take reusable bags to grocery store including reusable produce bags

* Use my bamboo utensils and People Towels, bring my own container for leftovers

* Lifefactory glass water bottle goes everywhere with me

* Take photos of biz cards rather than collect paper

* Driving a diesel car and carpooling whenever possible

* Jade yoga mat made from recycled rubber

Things that I don’t do (or can’t afford) that I want to start

* More home-healthy plants in the house

* Reusable handkerchiefs

* Reusable snack bags

* Organic bedding and towels

* Organic clothing

Can you name some things I forgot that I should start doing? Have I inspired you to do more green things?

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  1. Bike to work/school/shopping/other errands.

    Pedal power!


  2. Thanks for some great suggestions on more ways that I can green my life. Have you tried collecting your shower water as it warms up and using it to water plants, do dishes, flush your toilet, etc.? I’m always amazed at how much clean, if cold, water would otherwise go straight down the drain.

    Also, I’ve switched to reusable handkerchiefs/napkins this year, and I love them. I got some cotton ones with traditional Japanese designs, and they’re colorful, pretty, and dark enough not to show stains easily. Score!


  3. Rachel, great idea! I forgot to put on the list that I walk to the places nearest to me whenever I can, like the post office, library, and grocery store.

    Jennifer, yes when I had a bigger container garden (and my own bathroom) I did this. I tried to get my now 2 roommates to do it, but they are quite as green as me!


  4. By the way, there are quite a few houseplants that are hydroponic — if you have a friend with lots of houseplants, you can certainly get a free cutting or two and let it grow until it has enough roots to plant. Unfortunately, I don’t know the names of all the plants that it works with, or which ones are specifically good for improving air quality.

    Out of this list, I know from experience that ivy, spider plants, and pothos can be grown hydroponically from clippings. I just use the dirty water from my fish tank to fertilize & they seem to do fine.


  5. Alison Hadler

    As I study for my LEED accreditation, I have found so many ways to make homes more sustainable. Your list is so great too. People don’t need a bag dryer to re-use plastic bags, just hang it on the end of a long spoon in your dish drainer. Also, you can re-use printer paper by cutting it up into note size pieces. Whole foods and Target give you a discount for bringing your own bags, so that’s a great incentive. Preserve also makes toothbrushes that come with an envelope to return the brush for recycling, and the brush is less than $2.50. You can recycle brita filters and other plastics at most Whole Foods.

    Make your own clean products or be conscious about what you choose.

    Also, you can retrofit your shower heads, toilets, and faucets so they are more efficient. I use a low-flow shower head, and I also offset the water in my toilet tank by placing a brick or half a two liter bottle in it. That way when you flush, you use less water. It’s like tricking the toilet.

    In Miami, the water and sewer department will give you a kit to retrofit your showers, sinks, and toilets. All you have to do is give them your old shower head. Battabing battaboom! Check your city to see if they offer incentives because if Miami does, I am convinced other cities offer the same and better.


    • Awesome Alison! I reuse every piece of paper possible, and do that cutting up thing for scrap paper. I also forgot to mention that I have set all my bills to automatic payment and requested to stop receiving paper bills. For all the other mail that I get I reuse the envelopes to make my grocery list on, then recycle it.

      Thanks Jennifer for the plant tips!


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