Test Tube Meat

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Scientists have apparently grown pork in a ‘test tube’, using live pig cells. This is sort of old news, but what can we say. We’re baffled. Megan McArdle blogs on the issue;

There are a bunch of caveats. The meat is not currently edible–they need to figure out how to “exercise” it to give it muscle tone. And it still seems to use some sort of meat brother (sic) for nutrients, which kind of defeats the purpose.

From the UK Telegraph article;

The project is backed by the Dutch government and a sausage maker and comes following the creation of artificial fish fillets from goldfish muscle cells.

This brings up a lot of questions; what if this leads to the extinction of farm animals? Should this be considered vegetarian? (PETA seems to be onboard) How healthy will it be? Probably the nutrient profile would be different than grassfed animals, though it could be designed to have zero fat.

I still can’t find what kind of medium they used to grow this meat, either. If it’s a media like fetal calf serum, as McArdle seems to suggest, then this still would be out of limits for vegetarians. And true guiltless meat would still be a ways off.

Do you think it’s a good idea to create test tube meat? Could this bring the end of factory farming?

2 cents from Christy “Pigs will continue to be used as commodities for their cells to grow the meat. I think we need to transform our consciousness and way of thinking in regards to meat. We need to educate others that animal foods are not essential in our diets. If we switch over to test tube meat, we are still harboring the same thought patterns that allow for billions of animals to die each year. I’m all for the ending of factory farming 100%, but true change will come when peoples’ heart and consciousness are changed.”


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  • Lex 13 / 04 / 2010 Reply

    Lab meat is just as unhealthy as free range meat and will probably have just as many run off by-products and water usage issues to constantly hydrate and nourish the cells. I don’t know why people even care when soy meat garbage looks and tastes the same and is equally unhealthy, it might as well be lab grown.

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