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Blissful Giveaway: Vegan Essentials Gift Card

Protein is a macro-nutrient that is essential in our diets, but we don’t need as much as the USDA would lead us to believe. I love me some beans, lentils, tofu, and seitan, and on occasion I will eat some meat analogs. You have to be very careful in choosing these fake meat products. Stay far away from anything made with soy protein isolates. These have been linked to health problems like cancer. The best sources of plant-based protein are whole foods like beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, grains, and also fermented soy like miso, tempeh, shoyu, tamari, and natto. If you eat processed soy and fake meats every once in a while that’s not that big of deal, but don’t consume them as your primary source of daily protein.

I’ve tried some plant-based protein substitutes with surprisingly great taste and texture, but there are many brands that are not so tasty. My favorite is European company Viana, which graciously gave me 4 different kinds of their meat to try when I stopped at their booth at the Natural Products Expo. I made the most delicious tacos for days! I tried the Organic Veggie Cevapcici (Yugoslavian Sausage), Organic Veggie Gyros by Viana, Organic Spicy Vege Kebob by Viana and the Organic Cowgirl Veggie Steaks. I really like that this is an organic product and sourced with non-GMO soybeans. From their website it looks like it’s manufactured now in San Francisco, but I’m not for sure. If it’s still made in Europe and shipped here than this is not a eco-friendly product. I need to find that out.

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen Viana in any natural food stores, but Vegan Essentials has plenty you can order online! And, lucky for you this week’s giveaway is a $30 gift card at Vegan Essentials for anything in their online store! But hold the presses! If you place an order by Saturday of Viana vegan meats, then you get a container of Soyatoo cream for each package of Viana you buy! So don’t wait for the giveaway, head on over to buy some Viana now!


To enter the giveaway here are the rules:

1. You must live in the United States. No PO Boxes.

2. Please subscribe to my blog and enter your email address so I can contact you if you win.

3. Tell us why you would benefit from having a gift card to Vegan Essentials.

Extra Credit

4. Become a Fan on my Facebook page

5. Follow me on Twitter and Retweet about this giveaway (@TheBlissfulChef)

6. Become a fan of Vegan Essentials on Facebook

7. Add Vegan Essentials on Twitter

Hint: Be sure to leave one comment telling me how many things you did from the list (for example say in one comment that you have 3-7 entries, the first 3 are required. If you already do the extra credit you can count those in your total, so you would then have 7 entries if you did everything).

A winner will be chosen next Friday, April 30th. Good luck!
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  1. Greetings and Blessings ‘pon the Blissful kitchen.

    I’ve subscribed to your blog, and also followed V.E. in both of the suggested digital spots.

    I’d benefit from the Vegan Essentials giftcard, because I’d love to experiment w/ Cheddar Daiya. I’ve played a bit with their Mozzarella, but baked mac and cheez will require the cheddar. Have yet to convert the dairy consumer in the house, but he did like the mozzarella more than fyh.

    Continue to shine

    -PZ <3


  2. I would benefit from a Vegan Essentials gift card because I really need a new belt. The situation is getting pretty serious over here!


  3. I’m a huge Vegan Essentials fan and would use a gift card to help with my every-other-month vitamin purchase!

    I did all 7 above…thank you for the giveaway!


  4. I just learned from Elephant Journal about the dangers of hexane in highly processed soy products. I’m jumping off that boat, but looking for better alternatives. I’d love to try Viana!


  5. Wohoo! What a fun giveaway. I did all seven as well!!!


  6. As always, love your page.

    We would benefit from the Vegan Essentials giftcard because there are many vegan products we have not tried yet, but would love to. Being on a budget limits me from purchasing things I would like. But the budget allows me to stay home with our two precious little guys which is very important.


  7. My doctor says I have to take fish oil for prevention of heart disease which runs in my family. Boo! I’d love the Vegan Essentials gift card to order me up some vegan Omega-3’s. My doc doesn’t need to know 😉


  8. Heather Jennings

    I am a new vegan (1 week) and love it. I would love to have some variety which I am sorely lacking. I have two small children and a husband who would also love to eat something besides beans and rice for dinner. I’ve been afraid to try meat substitutes because of all of the chemicals…the ones available in my small town anyway. I can’t tell you how much I would love to try these! I am already a fan on Facebook and became a fan also of Vegan Essentials.


  9. Yeah! I’d love a giftcard because sometimes it’s expensive to be vegan, especially when you have vegan kids who really love vegan treats!!!


  10. Thanks so much. I will try your cheeze sauce recipe next time I make pizza. It sounds delicious. 🙂


  11. Love your blog! I’d really like a Vegan Essentials gift card to save some money on all the vegan products I buy, maybe even Viana (which I have never seen in a store). I have done all seven items on your list. Thanks!!


  12. I would love to have the gift card! I’ve never shopped Vegan Essentials before and I’d really like to give it a try. I could use a new handbag (still have old pre-vegan leather bag) and a pair of shoes!

    *fingers crossed*


  13. Whoops! I forgot to say that I did all seven things on the entry list!


  14. Hi Christy!

    I’ve done all seven, I’m a HUGE fan and love learning about new products from you! I would greatly benefit from the gift card because due to my nut allergy, some legumes, seeds and nuts are off limits to me. I did not know until reading your post about the other alternative meat products causing cancer, so thanks for that info!

    Hope I win <3 and again thank you for being such a valuable member of the vegan/vegetarian


  15. I already follow you and Vegan Essentials on Twitter. And, I subscriibe to your blog.

    I would benefit from the Vegan Essentials card because I haven’t been able to afford to shop there in years and they have so many vegan things you can’t easily find elswhere.


  16. Christy,

    I love your blog and always enjoy food reviews they help healthy shoppers like myself.

    As a college student I don’t have tons of money to spend on food and a $30 gift card to Vegan Essentials would save me money. Many alternative products cost so much that I just stick to produce and grains, but I’d love to have the money to try them.

    As a new vegetarian and on and off vegan the more vegan products I try the more I enjoy, a $30 gift card to Vegan Essentials would allow me to try new vegan products. I have yet to try vegan cheeses and would love to! With more confidence and education about vegan products will lead me to cutting even more animal products out of my diet 🙂

    I have done all seven the the entries!

    My e-mail address is above, I am fans on facebook and following you both on twitter! Can’t wait to see the tweets from VeganEssentials (I already read your tweets and retweeted this fabulous give away!)

    Alrighty well that is all for now I guess, my fingers are crossed for this giveaway, I love getting gift cards for food and a gift card for healthy vegan products – I’d love love love to get it. Thank you for the product review and give away possibility!

    Have a fabulous day.

    oh and… Happy early Earth Day!! What are your plans for tomorrow?



  17. This is a most lovely giveaway! I have never ordered from Vegan Essentials but have always wanted to. I am a new vegan, just 3 months now, so I am slowly and steadily stocking myself with all of the essentials. There are so many things that I would love to pick up at Vegan Essentials, I’m not sure how I would choose! Don’t worry though, I’d manage 🙂

    I qualify for all of the extra credit. (I am subscribed with the email address ordinaryvegetarian[at]gmail[dot]com and twitter @ordinaryveg). Thanks doll!


  18. Hi Christy! I’m really glad to find your blog, and am looking forward to exploring it. I’ve subscribed for your updates. I’d love to win a gift card to Vegan Essentials so I could try Daiya cheese. Or I would put it toward a new pair of vegan shoes that I need for work! Thanks!


  19. Hi, I would love to win the gift certificate from Vegan Essentials as I’ve ordered from them before and they are great.

    I’ve subscribed to your blog, already follow you on twitter, already follow Vegan Essentials on twitter, became a fan of yours & Vegan Essentials on facebook! 🙂


  20. subscribed to your blog in my reader! oooh…would love an excuse to try some of these products!


  21. ah i love vegan essentials, so many great products to try.


  22. Hi there. Below is the list of things I’ve done in order to be eligible for this give-away. To fulfill #3, I would like to say that if I were to win the gift certificate to Vegan Essentials I would use it to buy products, make recipes, take pictures of those recipes, and then post them on my blog (with a link to Vegan Essentials, of course). In that way, one recipient is sharing it with so many others. It’s like the gift that keeps giving!

    Thanks for the opportunity to participate. Marly

    To enter the giveaway here are the rules:

    1. I live in the Midwest

    2. Subscribed to your blog.

    3. See above for #3

    Extra Credit

    4. Become a Fan on my Facebook page. I did this.

    5. Follow me on Twitter and Retweet about this giveaway (@TheBlissfulChef). I follow you on twitter which is how I heard about this give-away.

    6. Become a fan of Vegan Essentials on Facebook. I did this.

    7. Add Vegan Essentials on Twitter. I did this.


  23. Hello I did all seven listed above. I would benefit from a gift card for my $50+ Vega product addiction.



  24. 1) I live in Ohio

    2) I subscribe to your blog

    3) I am 90% macrobiotic and would use the prize to purchase products that I haven’t tried before. I also cook for some of my clients so they can see that good food can be healthy and taste fabulous!

    4) I am a fan on you Facebook page

    5) I am a fan of Vegan Essentials on Facebook.




  25. Thank you so much for this giveaway. In January I decided to take on the vegan diet to help combat obesity from many years of eating crap. This was a little more challenging in the middle of Texas, where steaks and barbeque reign. There are no real vegan friendly restaurants/stores in my area, what options I do have end up costing.

    So I would love to try new products and learn more. Toward that end, I completed all seven steps that I hadn’t previously done.

    Thanks again!


  26. I have been a fan of your FB page and Vegan Essentials on FB for some time now.

    I’ve done all the extra credit stuff, along with the minimum.

    If I win the $30.00 Vegan Essentials gift card, I’ll put it to good use buying vegan ingredients to make yummy things to share at work to show my omni co-workers how easy it is to live a life free from using animals as a means to an end.

    Thanks for your consideration.

    I sure hope I am the lucky winner!


    Selah Writes


  27. I would benefit from having a gift card from Vegan Essentials because I was recently laid off and it would really lift my spirits to be able to shop at one of my favorite online stores. I did all the things on the list so I have 7 entries.


  28. I would benefit from the Vegan Essentials Gift Card by being able to buy several vegan items I’ve been wanting, especially some vegan donuts.

    I subscribe to you blog, follow you & Vegan Essentials on twitter, as well as being a fan of both on Facebook.


  29. Thanks for the tip on the Viana. I must try it out soon.

    I would benefit from a Vegan Essentials gift card because I’m what I like to call “on hiatus” from employment due to the challenged economy. I’d love to splurge a bit on some vegan specialty items. it’s also a great way to encourage and enable others toward a vegan lifestyle.

    Just signed up for your newsletter, which i’m looking forward to, and friended, fanned, and followed all as directed. Items 1 – 7, check.



  30. I love sweets but I need to eat better so I think this gift card would be a great way to get me started eating better!


  31. I’d love a Vegessentials giftcard to try out some new products I can’t get locally. Viana products would be a perfect example.

    Besides the first 3 req, I am following you and vegessentials on Twitter and I tweeted about it for you! @simplyvegan


  32. I would love that Vegan Essentials gift card! I am exploring all things vegan and I could find some good stuff to share with my blog fans.

    I love trying new products & being healthy!


  33. So many entries with your extra credits! Randomly drawn Winner is Regina at girlgoesvegan!


  34. Awesome givevaway!!!

    I have done every single thing you asked us to do 😉 Would I get 7 entries pretty please

    Love a gift card to Vegan Essentials b//c they are about the onle way for mt to get some Viana Veggie Gyros here on the East Coast!!!!!



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