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As seekers of truth, compassion, and health, we are learning to question the ways in which we have been taught to eat. There is a book, written by my friend Dr. Will Tuttle, called The World Peace Diet. It helps you understand the power of food, and the cultural mentality reinforced by our practice of food, on many levels–physical, psychological, cultural, ecological, and spiritual.

It has changed many peoples’ lives by opening their eyes to the truth: The way we eat affects more than just our bodies, but has a profound affect on everything and everyone around us. It also teaches us how to have True Compassion. Having compassion for all living creatures is the only way to save ourselves and the planet. We must come together to spread the message without judgment, hate, or cruelty, but with love and delicious food :). As Will says we need to take on the “Radical Inclusion” philosophy and embrace all because we are all interconnected.

Many people have called The World Peace Diet a revelation, and one of the most important books of the 21st century!!

Today, Friday, March 12, Dr. Tuttle is coordinating a special offer for this critically-acclaimed book called “The March 12 World Peace Diet Compassion and Health Campaign.” It would be great to grab a copy of The World Peace Diet today for yourself, friends, and your family members.

Many generous and caring sponsors have donated excellent bonus gifts and prizes to anyone who buys The World Peace Diet (today only). You will receive a preview of my new eCookbook and an opportunity to purchase it for half-price! If you purchase my eCookbook you will receive $5 off your next cooking class or any of my services (so you will be getting the eBook for free 🙂

Other prices include downloadable audio books, recipes, music, e-books, discount coupons and the chance to enter drawings for some terrific prizes! There are over 50 gifts and prizes, and anyone who buys the book on March 12 (only) is eligible to receive them.

Check out a snippet of footage from a talk with Will that I hosted this week.

You can help strengthen the forces of health, truth, transparency, sustainability, and peace by buying a copy of The World Peace Diet today (for yourself or to give to a library or friend). This will spread the message of compassion for all life. It’s a great way to help animals, the Earth, hungry people, and all of us, and spread the message we believe in.

Visit this page for details on how to order and receive your free gifts.

P.S. – You are more than welcome to share this special offer with your friends and colleagues, and encourage them to do the same. This is not an exclusive offer. The more of us who participate, the better it will be for everyone. This is a one-day offer–March 12 only. Thanks.

P.S.S – A ton of cooking classes will be scheduled soon starting in April. I have new locations and lots of fun things planned 🙂

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