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Finally a nail salon tailored to moms (and mom’s to be)! Plush has come to the rescue. For the last 8 months I have been searching for a safe place to get my nails done – a place free of the obnoxious and brain cell killing fumes. The last thing I want to do to my unborn baby is to subject her to the toxins and fumes from the mixture of acrylic nails and chemicals. Then I found Plush.

Plush is a nail and waxing salon that provides mothers of babies and small children with high-quality services in a child-friendly environment. All nail treatments use low fume/low toxic polish (ZOYA nail colors to be exact). All pedicure basins have disposable liners to prevent the spread of fungus and infection. Basin liners, files, buffers, and orange sticks are never re-used. Metal implements are disinfected with a hospital grade anti-fungal/viral/bacterial agent between clients.

Plush’s services are done with babies/small children in mind. They can hang out with mom while she is getting her treatment or enjoy the well stocked nursery. All the while, mom is being pampered while drinking her complimentary tea.

When I went, I indulged in a mani and pedi. A week after getting a French manicure, the white is still on and looking great. The staff is incredibly friendly and warm. Offering a choice of high end tea is a perk that is always appreciated – I only wish there were more caffeine-free choices.

Plush is a sanctuary for the much needed pampering every eco-mom needs – without guilt or worry.

Plush Beauty Bar

7879 Santa Monica Blvd.,

West Hollywood, CA 90046

(323) 656-0030

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    Love Plush myself! They were so accommodating and it was so nice to see Moms and babies/kids interacting in a friendly and welcoming environment!

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