Happy Spring To You!

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I was away on vacation in Florida/Caribbean when the official first day of Spring arrived. As many of you know I’m a big advocate of local, organic, seasonal eating. My first eBook talks about the importance of eating seasonally and gives you a beautiful chart showing all the foods that nourish your Spring element. The Spring element is Wood or Tree, which symbolizes a time of growth and rebirth.

The 5 Element Theory started in ancient China, which spilled over into Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Macrobiotics uses this theory to create balance in the body and on the dinner plate. Each element is connected to a pair of organs (one yin and one yang), a taste, different foods, emotions, energy movement, and cooking styles. This doesn’t mean that in the Spring you only eat the foods listed for that season. You just need to be careful to nourish this organ pair and make sure they are in balance. There is no element that is most important. The goal is to eat from all elements so the organs continue to play their magical symphony.

Spring is the time of growth, starting fresh, moving upward, bringing forth and blooming. It’s a great time for cleansing both your mind and your body. You may feel new energy sprouting up around you, a new pep in your step, and a clearing out of the old. It’s a new start. Now is the time to visualize all your heart’s desires and be the authentic self you wish to be. Write down a new health plan for the year, including goals for all areas of your life. The Spring element (Tree or Wood) is the best time for new growth and the energy of this element supports you in this awakening.

This week I will feature Spring menus and recipes to get your Spring element hopping. In the meantime, check out this delicious Spring Menu from Christina Cooks. Yum!


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