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Tweetup & Our Conditioning

The Tweetup on Sunday at Veggie Grill was awesome! I got to listen to some amazing healing stories from my friends Natala of Vegan Hope and Tom (@tavbd on Twitter). And got to meet some new faces like Lindsey of Humanitaire. You must go visit her store if you live in LA! I hope you can join us next time! Here’s a little video I made. If you couldn’t tell, we all love Veggie Grill!

We were lucky enough to run into Shaun Monson, creator and director of Earthlings. He gave us a quick overview of his new documentary, Unity, which is coming out later this year. It’s message really speaks to me. There is such a disconnect in our minds with some animals being used as companions or that we see some as being fluffy and loveable. While others continue to be tortured without need and consumed, worn, or used for sport and entertainment.

He had a friend along with him that does vegan fitness and was really awesome. Shaun was chowing down on a huge kale salad, but John wasn’t eating anything. I asked him what he was having and he said nothing. He said he hadn’t done much today (in the way of fitness) so he wasn’t going to eat much today. I got to thinking. That kind of makes sense! If you don’t do a lot of activity it doesn’t really warrant eating a lot of food. Then it got me thinking of how we are conditioned from childhood to get our “square 3 meals a day”, and from the USDA food pyramid to get x number of servings of this or that. We are conditioned to finish our plates and not be wasteful. We are not conditioned to eat when we are hungry, and take in less calories if we do not expend much energy in the day. No wonder more than half the US population is either overweight or obese.

Many of my macrobiotic teachers support the idea of eating when hungry, eating nutrient dense foods, and staying at 80% full, rather than stuffing yourself. And many of them only eat 2 meals a day. But, how do they get all their nutrients??! Well you see, if you aren’t eating nutrient void junk food, drinking alcohol and eating sugar that is stripping your body of vital nutrients, or eating animal foods that are causing an overly acidic condition, than your body can absorb the nutrients from your food better! Go figure!

We are so disconnected from our bodies. We see them as machines that need to be filled, but how many of us really pay attention to the fuel we are putting in? Even more importantly, how many of us can hear the signals that our bodies are sending? Do you even know what true hunger feels like? Do you know what 80% full feels like? I want to make it a point to fuel myself with nutritious food, get more exercise, and listen closely to what my body is telling me. I feel re-inspired to take better care of myself this year. I hope you do too!
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  1. It was a lot more than just a fun tweet-up for me. The food at the Veggie Grill was tasty, but meeting Natala (@VeganHope) and hearing her stories of dealing with ignorant doctors was something I could empathize with. It takes a lot of courage to take charge of one’s own healing and out-wit so called experts — Natala is a very courageous individual. I’m looking forward to the next tweet-up 🙂


  2. Sorry I missed it – next time!


  3. I wish I could have attended! I hadn’t heard of the documentary Unity until now, so I am very much lookin forward to it.

    You offer some very interesting food for thought. I agree with you: we should eat only when we are hungry. As a student, I used to eat 4 small meals a day with snacks here and there, but now that I work and can eat with my mum and sister, I stick to the “three square meals,” as you say, but I’m careful about what I eat, as I am a health-conscious vegan. Thanks for this post 🙂


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