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I had this amazing idea when I woke up this morning: I should do a weekly live Q & A for all my readers and Twitter followers! This will give you a chance to ask important questions about health, veganism, macrobiotics, cooking, life, spirituality, or whatever your heart desires (within reason of course ;). This will give me a chance to answer your questions about these things. It’s like getting a free consultation with me each week!

Please submit your questions (1 per person each week) by Friday at 5pm. I will be limited in the amount of questions I will have time to answer, probably 5-10 questions each week, so hurry and get those questions in. If I can’t get to your question, I apologize in advance, and send it again the following week.

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  • mary 14 / 02 / 2010 Reply

    how can you tell if tempeh is good…the packaged products sold at all the stores around here have bits of black in them, and kids won’t touch it…

  • Anna 20 / 02 / 2010 Reply

    I’m a one dish kind of cook, ie I make a casserole or a pasta dish rather than a variety of dishes. This is my main hurdle with macrobiotics at the moment, I’m just not used to trying to put together different dishes and to cooking lots of things at the same time. How can I go about putting together menus that will appeal to kids (mine are 6 and 2, vegan and will eat most vegetables), that are balanced and won’t have me spending the entire day in the kitchen (I give myself an hour to make dinner unless it’s something that has to have a long time in the oven)? Thanks!

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