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eCookbook Preorder for Discount!

The much awaited first eCookbook by The Blissful Chef is now available for pre-order at a discounted price. This beautiful eBook: The Blissful Chef: Cooking With The Seasons – Spring Edition includes information on the macrobiotic diet, explanation of the 5 Element Theory and how we can use it to transform our eating habits and our health, with a beautiful chart showing which foods and cooking methods nourish our Spring element.

You’ll find 19 delicious, vegan and macrobiotic recipes including 2 appetizers, 2 soups, 3 salads, 3 grains, 3 vegetable dishes, 3 proteins, 1 sea vegetable, and 2 desserts. Examples are Hijiki Lentil Pate, Love Your Heart Beet Soup featured on Green Blossoms, Basil Uncaeser Salad w/ Pumpernickel Croutons, Red Quinoa Salad, Green Spring Casserole, Black-eyed Pea Chili, and Lemon Amasake Custard.

I’m offering a special pre-order discount if you buy it today! Include your email and the eBook will be sent to you on launch day February 22nd. That’s 19 recipes for only $5.99, plus useful information on how to eat seasonally.
Posted in My Blog on 02/11/2010 09:38 am


  1. Just ordered mine. Whoohoo — SO excited!


  2. I’m excited too! Peace


  3. I just pre-ordered mine! I’m looking forward to it!


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