Balancing Act of Technology

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Lately I’ve been feeling a little too “plugged in”. I wake up and go straight to my computer to work. I get in bed at night with my computer to work. I can now check and update my Twitter from my phone. I want to make sure that I take care of myself this year, so how do I strike a balance between technology and taking time away from the computer? If I’m away t0o long then I have to spend more time returning emails, updating my website, blogging, marketing, etc. Also, I’m genuinely interested in reading blogs, learning what’s going on in the health world, and checking up with my friends to see how they are doing. I just don’t want to miss out on anything in your lives 🙂

So, tell me what do you do to take care of yourself and strike the balance in your life? Or is this just the way our modern world is now and I need to just suck it up?

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  • Meg Wolff 15 / 01 / 2010 Reply

    Yes, it is a balancing act, for sure. I love Facebook, but my sister and I were talking about it last night. We decided that we didn’t want to see ten years pass by, look back and say, “I wonder how much time I wasted on Facebook?”

    For me it happens this way … I’m reading emails, answering them, get a notice that someone has left a message on Facebook, answer that, read some articles while I’m there and before I know it… time slips away if you know what I mean.

    So my sister and I decided to check in with each other once a week as a reminder that we want to limit our time online, especially on Facebook. We’ll gotta go, my fifteen minutes (well, more like half an hour) are up and time to take a shower and get on with the day!

    A few ideas… Maybe a timer? Fifteen minutes for Facebook, half an hour to an hour for emails, two for writing and maybe a fifteen minute walk outside between each?

    I’m also curious what others do!

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