21-day Detox

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My date last night told me I look like I’m 20. I love that. Whatever I’m doing is working! Be a healthy vegan –> Find a fountain of youth. I can show you how to be a healthy vegan 🙂 And now is the best time to start!

The new year is a great time to do a detox. A detox is a cleansing process that encourages the body to eliminate toxins (via the skin, urination, bowel movements, mucus, etc.) If you have eaten meat and dairy or currently do, the cholesterol and saturated fat has built up in your arteries over time. We are exposed to harmful chemicals, pesticides, dyes, additives in food, preservatives, pollution, pharmaceuticals, and other environmental junk on a daily basis and that is getting stored in our body. A cleanse can help move this out and encourage healing.

My holistic chiropractor used to hold workshops for the 21-day detox plan. They have no scheduled workshops at this time but you can buy the home kit and do it on your own. I have found this cleanse to be a great start in transitioning to a healthier you! And it’s really not that hard for most people to accomplish. Since it’s a gradual elimination process you aren’t shocking your body with fasts such as the Master Cleanse. And, you are eating/drinking food the whole time which is easier for most people to maintain. Maybe you can enlist a few friends to join you in the detox?!

First week eat completely vegan, whole foods, cut out the sugar and alcohol. 2nd week eat all raw foods, salads, fruit, smoothies, with 2 liquid meals. 3rd week is all liquids, with optionally water fasting for a few days, but if you feel like you can’t handle all liquids I would suggest doing 2 liquid meals and 1 simple salad.

Check out the link for the complete program, which includes recipes and everything you need for the cleanse.

21 Day Detox Home Kit

This program is designed to transform your health in just 21 days.

The kit includes:

  • 3 DVDs
  • 4 booklets
  • 9 oz. Dr. Greens

    ($165 value)

    I am not liable for the results of this cleanse. Seek guidance from your doctor when starting a new detox program.

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