4 Ways to Eat Healthy On a Budget

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Everyone is pinching pennies right now around the holidays or maybe you are trying to pay of your credit card debt like me! Here’s a few tips that will save you money, and happen to be things that help reduce waste. So it’s a win/win situation for you and the planet!

1. Bulk Bins are your best friend

2. Eat Less Junk, helps your waistline and your wallet

3. Cook More at Home, ‘nough said

4. If you eat out, save half for the next day

5. Food Swap, see below

Here’s a great idea! Can’t find time in your day to cook more meals at home? Ask a few friends or co-workers if they want to do a food swap with you. This works really well with up 4 people. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Gather everyone’s email address and agree on a meeting day and time (usually Sunday evening works best for most people because they do not work and have time to cook that morning/afternoon)(Or if you work with each other Monday is good if you have a fridge at work that will store all that food!).
  2. Send an email to the group if you have something that you can not or will not eat (the less picky you are the better, but if there is something you are allergic to you need to make the group aware of it).
  3. On Saturday or whenever you have the time, plan what you are going to make and go grocery shopping (make something that will last 3 days in the fridge, vegan meals really work well for this. If it has animal products be sure it isn’t going to spoil after a day in the fridge).
  4. On Sunday make your meal with enough portions to feed everyone in the group. Put each portion in a separate container for each person.
  5. Meet-up and exchange food. Now you have 4, hopefully healthy, meals to eat for lunch or dinner. You’ve just saved money by eating in and most likely these meals are healthier than anything you would grab at a restaurant or fast food chain.

This works really well if you are on a weight-loss program and you find other people who are counting calories too.  I did this with 4 close vegan friends, and thankfully they were all pretty good cooks!


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