Vegan MoFo and Veggie Grill

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That’s stands for Vegan Month of Food!

Green Adventures TV is straight up vegan food for the soul this month. I may post on other green events and news as well, but be prepared for mostly vegan food and nutrition information.

I know I’m behind a bit. You can visit this site for all the blogs that are participating in this month of vegan debauchery and deliciousness. I promise to catch you up starting tomorrow!

Today EcoVeganGal Whitney and I cooked and filmed up a storm and soon I will have cooking videos up on the blog. Yay!

Here’s a review of Veggie Grill that we did a few nights ago. I’m her new partner in crime so you will be seeing more of us everywhere!

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  • susielol 04 / 10 / 2009 Reply

    Two awesome Vegan food aficionados unite! Your distinctive personalities compliment each other perfectly. I can’t wait for the cooking videos!

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