The World of Miso Soup

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If you are vegan I hope you are eating miso soup every week (or every day if you’re a real health nut). Miso is a fermented soybean paste that has a wealth of health benefits.  It contains B12 and just a little gives you your daily requirements for many trace minerals, which have shown to boost immunity and protect against cancer. With flu and cold season arriving it would be a great idea to have a bowl of miso soup every day (or if you feel something coming on have miso soup). You can change up the vegetables each time and use different kinds of miso, so you’ll never get bored. Be sure to check the label to see if the miso contains MSG (you don’t want that!). I personally buy organic whenever possible.

Today I want to show you how to make my Autumn Miso Soup, which is so easy, fast, and delicious it shouldn’t be hard to add it to your weekly menu plan. I made it for lunch with roasted corn, fried Fakin’ Bacon, and Soba noodles with pesto on the side and it was amazing! First I boiled butternut squash in a pot of water for about 5 minutes, then added wakame, carrots and daikon, and let simmer for another few minutes until squash is tender.

IMG_1855At this point you turn off the flame, and dilute the miso in a bit of broth from your pot. I usually use a tea cup to do this because it is easy to dip into the hot water and the miso doesn’t spill out while I’m stirring it (the miso was almost out so I just used the container). For this Autumn soup I used Mellow Barley Miso from Miso Masters, about 2 tablespoons for 6 cups of water. Depending on how salty you like your miso soup will determine how much miso you add. I would say start with about 2 teaspoons per cup, then add more as necessary or add sea salt to save money (good organic miso is not cheap!).

IMG_1866After all the miso is diluted and no more chunks remain, stir it back into the pot. I also added 1 tablespoon of thyme and about 1 cup of Napa cabbage at this point. Put the lid on for 5 minutes and the cabbage will cook and the miso will activate. I personally like my veggies just tender with a bit of a crunch.

If you have leftovers, be sure never to let the miso come to a boil when reheating. This will destroy the active enzymes.

You can also find miso made from chickpeas and other beans and vegetables. My favorite company is South River Miso and Miso Masters is very good too.

LunchWith all the soy debate it’s my opinion that fermented soy products are fine to have in your daily diet. It’s soy protein isolates, like in protein powders, fake meats, tvp, health bars, etc. that we need to limit in our diet.

Lunch was amazing! I’m so glad I decided to participate in Vegan Mofo, because it has re-inspired me in the kitchen and to bring healthy food and information to all of you!

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