New Vegetarian Indian Cafe opens!

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I was driving back home from getting groceries and gas when I spotted a bright green sign, that said “Go Veggie” on it. I immediately pulled over to the small shopping corner that housed the new vegetarian Indian cafe called Bawarchi. It’s family owned, with the chef’s sons running the food bar. They had so many vegan choices that it was hard to choose! Twice as many as Samosa House for the same price, and you get real naan, and a side salad. Rumor has it that this was the chef at Samosa House, which explains why they had similar items on the line. Don’t know what the story is there.


They use all biodegradable packaging and they are more than happy for you to bring your own container or not take the bag or utensils. “Go Green, Go Veggie” is their motto, and they seem to be holding true to that. You can find fresh coconuts to drink and mango lassi for the non-vegans. I actually didn’t ask if they had a vegan version but most places don’t.

You can order things a la carte but the best deal is the $8 +tax special where you choose 3 items, plus rice and choice of naan. This rice is not your average basmati, but a colorful and flavorful mix of rice, veggies, raisins and cashews. I had the Potato Aloo, Lentil Dahl w/ Spinach, and a creamy tomato dish that had a fried veggie ball in it (I forget the proper name for the dish). It was all delicious! A bit spicy for me, but I’m a wimp. Most will probably find the spice level just right or not spicy enough.


I will most def be going back here with Whitney to do a video review and try some of their delicious looking appetizers.

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  • quarrygirl 26 / 10 / 2009 Reply

    WOW, this place looks awesome! thanks for finding it. i can’t wait to go! 🙂

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