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I’m in the process of updating and changing up my blog. It will no longer be Green Adventures TV. I’m now The Blissful Chef! It make take a few days for the transition, so be patient with me 🙂


Last week I showed my client’s daughters how to make sushi handrolls. I was so excited watching them that I forgot to take pictures of the whole process. Isn’t she cute? They did such a good job and mom got to eat them for lunch.

For Handrolls, I cut a regular sheet or nori in half then trim off 2-3 inches off the longest part. Cover half the sheet of nori with brown rice, lay spread and fillings near the edge, then roll it so that it becomes a cone (small point at one end, wider at the top with fillings showing).

Sushi rolls are quick and easy to make with left over brown rice and whatever veggies you have in the fridge. Great for lunchboxes too! Kids love almond butter and fruit as filling.

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