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12 Steps to Waste Reduction in Your Diet – #8


We aren’t going in order on our list. Number 8 on our 12 Steps to Waste Reduction is to compost your food scraps.

Here is a great guide on getting started with composting. It gives you all the information you could possibly need to starting and having the best compost pile in town!

Even if you don’t have landscaping or want a garden, you can still compost your scraps and give the compost to a friend or someone in your family. Surely you know someone who has a green thumb? Or maybe you should start a container garden for herbs, fruits and veggies.

Here you can find every compost bin imaginable. I like the “tumbler” type because it makes turning your compost a snap without breaking your back.

If you feel like this is too much to fit into your busy lifestyle there are a few home composters that are more simple to use.

Happy Farmer Kitchen Composter

EnviroCycle Composter

Worm Bin

NatureMill Automatic Composter – The Rolls Royce of easy composters

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