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It seems that the cloth diaper issue is one of particular interest to my dear readers out there. I recently received feedback on my cloth diaper post that brought up a few more thoughts on the topic that I would like to share.

First, it was brought to my attention that one of the reasons people might still be afraid of cloth diapers is that they picture struggling with a crying, wriggling baby, while trying to finagle an open safety pin. That would scare anyone. Just for the record, I’d like to be sure everyone knows that cloth diapers are now held securely in place with one all inclusive little plastic piece, lovingly referred to as a snappy. This simple invention makes things so much easier. (For a great online demonstration of the modern cloth diaper application, check out the Tiny Tots website for great demonstration videos on how to best diaper girls or boys. No open “safety” pins even come near my baby’s bottom.

Second, and the biggest plus I’ve found yet – convenience. I never have to run out to the store for diapers. They appear magically at my door, just as I need them. How cool is that? Also on the ease front, is the actual changing. Once again, I will say, there is no need to deal with poo, at all. I just drop the dirties in the bag-lined bin, and come diaper day, leave the bag on the front porch. Before we had a porch, I left them outside our apartment door. These delivery guys are quite good at finding you, no matter where you live.

Third, and this one is more for the new parents out there, it’s easier to tell if baby needs changing. Simply slide your finger between the cloth diaper and the plastic cover that goes over it. If it feels damp, it’s time for a change. It took me a long time to be able to tell if a disposable needed changing, without sticking my finger right on into the danger zone, which always runs the risk of finding yourself with a poo-covered finger. Yuck.

To be fair, there is one downside I have found. It has been my experience that cloth diapers don’t work in that ingenious little contraption known as a Diaper Genieâ. No matter how much the box claimed that it works with cloth, I found that it stuck every time. This lead to a small issue with diaper pail stink, but this has been easily overcome with an even cheaper product – Febreeze. In case you missed it, check out my post on why this is a good (safe) stink-killer to use in the little one’s room.

Happy diapering.


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