Eco-shopping Made Easy

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I am super excited to find the eco-friendly online store called Branch! I love their philosophy towards shopping and making sustainable, consciously developed products available and affordable to the shopper in all of us.

From their website:

“The fact is that many people are at least somewhat aware of the sobering factors of our consumptive lifestyle, but that doesn’t keep them (or us, for that matter) from buying things. As a culture, we’re practically bred to be shoppers – it’s a habit that runs deep and strong.

So in looking for a solution to the problems mentioned above, we’re taking a different approach. Instead of asking people to stop shopping (which is, of course, pretty impractical), what if we changed the paradigm of shopping itself?”

They have a stringent list of criteria that they apply in choosing the products they sell.

In a nutshell, they consider these three major categories when assessing a product:

1. The materials used must be environmentally responsible.

2. The manufacturing process must be ecologically sound.

3. The labor employed must be treated fairly and provided safe, healthy conditions in which to work.

Visit their website for more detailed information about what these 3 criteria mean for them.

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